Food Review | Morganfield's

Now at The Star Vista, I have 3 places in mind to try. Boston Seafood Shack, Bornga and Morganfield's. I filter out most of the restaurants there to come out with these 3 and my friend picked the last one. Alright. Let's try. 

A Pint of Calsberg
It's been awhile since the last drinking session with my ladies. So most of the time when I meet them, confirm drink, esp when you have just tt one drinker girlfriend. Lol.

Half Slab Hickory BBQ Spare Ribs
I guess this is gonna suit my hub's taste bud. He tasted ribs from other places that turns him off. I think this is good though to me is like mediocre taste. The sauce over the ribs is sweet, he might not like but I think he won't resist. Half a slab for 2 pax is more than enough when you gonna have a seafood basket. I seriously can't stuff myself so much. I'm a fried food person and so most of the time I stuff myself with the below.

Seafood Basket
Serving for 2 pax. Chips, calamari, prawns and fish. Fresh prawns (Bingo!), chewy squid and fresh fish. Mama mia. I love to make my own coleslaw and I love having it. Any recipes you wanna share? Email to me at 

I always like to go for seafood platter/basket wherever I go, esp when I don't see anything I fancy. This is the best solution to settle a meal. Don't you think so? At least for me. 

A few hours of chat over the dinner with friends is the best ever time spent after a long day at work.

Morganfield's Restaurant
1 Vista Exchange Green,
#02-23, The Star Vista,
Singapore 138617
Nearest MRT: Buona Vista