Food Review | The Manhattan Fish Market [Halal-Certified]

Before I give a short review, I just can't help but to comment on their service.

Last night, went dinner with the hub at Northpoint as he wanted to try the Star Platter from The Manhattan Fish Market after getting all the coupons from my hse.

This long-haired, plump lady served us and led us to our seat. Then I present the coupon to her as we just wanted that. It actually saves her lots of time. Okay, she served up the soup, shortly the drinks by her colleague. The platter took awhile to arrive. It is okay for us. Once on the table, she gave us the serving plates with no cutlery. We waited for awhile, thinking that she knows and is coming back with the cutlery but never. My hub was a little piss off and asked for it when another staff was nearby our table. 

I like to highlight that it is SO difficult to get their attention. There is one specky guy which have made eye contact with me but treat as though he didn't and ignore me. Damn it.

Sloppy. Our table is just down on luck. Everyone get served at least in proper except us. 

To me, whether is discount coupons or vouchers we are using, we still pay. U still earn. So why this type of attitude? Either the outlet manager/supervisor or staff are no good. I never experience that sloppy service staff at other outlets and I have no complaints until now. Whatever. 

Cream of Tomato
Manhattan Star Platter - In Reality
Okay I just have to say that they have an awesome food styling team who have made the picture in the coupons so attractive. Expectation VS Reality. The reality is cruel. I have yet again being cheated by visual. The most unappealing items in the platter are fish and mussels. Boo... The overall taste is so mediocre. I would rather have their seafood platter.

Manhattan Star Platter - Expectation (Credit: MFM)
So you can SEE for yourself how delicious it looks on the coupon pics. Tempting right? But don't be fooled again. Food styling, you made many attempts to fool me into believing. U win!

Brownie w Ice Cream
The sizzling brownie w ice cream was good! The brownie is so soft that it breaks into crumbs and blends in with the ice cream perfectly. The hot and cold sensation taking place in your mouth. 

Fine. I forgiven the fact that I received bad service there because everywhere has this black sheep that causes an impact to the public. Boo...

The Fish Manhattan Market
930 Yishun Avenue 2
Northpoint #02-06/07
Singapore 769098