My Freedom Ends

Yup... My freedom will actually end on 8 Jan 2012 at 2359. I will be a student again for 2 years and I will have to be as good as I can be when I was studying my part time diploma in Singapore Poly. This afternoon, attended the Student Induction with my gal pal. Dry as usual but is just like any orientation u go before the start of your course and etc. Ended earlier than expected. Got a luggage tag as souvenir.
Hmm... I am ready. Well... on Monday itself, I might feel frustrated. Cos I have to take half day leave for an interview at Pandan Loop, then head straight back to work till 5.45pm and off I go for my class at 7pm till 10pm. Oh my god! Next week is a torture definitely. Straight 6 days I have classes. This is crazy. More crazy than I thought. But luckily it is just 1 week and that's it. Phew. I have to really go through this terrible ordeal. Yup it is an ordeal to me. So much of things in mind plus all these physical tiredness. I can make it! I will! Shall head straight home as fast as possible. A week without any running. How terrible can that be and how much fat will come back on me? I must watch my diet for that whole week. If not, my past effort will be gone. Think the only way is to walk more often than sitting down on my desk and work Work WORK! Set! 

What else can I blog about? Yup! My updates for the week. Done with today's so is time for the rest.

Went lunch with my colleagues. One of them strike a small Toto. So he decided to treat us. Basically this is 2nd time he treat us. The very first treat was after they gotten their Advance Bonus. Well I never get anything and new staff never gets any. So demoralize. Anyway, I will treat them back very soon.
Song Fa Bak Kut Teh is so near that chicken rice shop which I have blogged about previously. I find this bak kut teh very familiar. I wonder is it the same one which I had with one of my gal pal. Actually I don't know how to appreciate this bak kut teh. Guess how I had it? Eat up the meat, most of the time dip the fried fritters into the bak kut teh soup and together with rice and down it went into my stomach. Yummy! I like eating that way. Because usually if my mum cook it at home, I will use the soup to cook noodles. It tastes marvelous. That's my way. So when I'm outside, it will be rice, soup and fried fritters. Gosh... Really should learn how to appreciate this old time favourite. Sigh...

I guess I got not much for this week. Maybe just that bits of grumbling and frustration over my work. I simply just want to get out of here. When I feel that way, that means no way am I going to change my mind in switching a job to HR by starting from scratch. I have already set my mind in starting from scratch and this is my decision!!!! Arrgh... I don't wish to continue on this topic. Bless me with a HR job and salary still can make it for all my monthly expenses especially for my loan and school fee.