Culinary | Homemade Salad

I am always looking forward to weekends where I get to rest even though I work alternate Saturday. Today, I choose to take urgent leave from work. Not that I'm bad or what but I seriously very turn off from my work now. I really need a break. A day break is not enough for me, even for my colleagues. Sigh... Anyway, I can have my own time at least for today. Hahahah...

I went to NTUC at Jurong Point for grocery shopping. I want to make salad. A simple salad. I want to lead a healthy life. So I must at least know how to make a salad. Frankly speaking, I don't know how to cook. I can only cook maggi mee, frying of food and my latest, egg mayo. Hahahah... So here is my ingredients for my very own salad:

I have corn, cherry tomato, lettuce and red cabbage. Hmm... I realise I shouldn't have used red cabbage. I taste so hard, or maybe crunchy. And as for the lettuce, I regret big time buying that ICEBERG lettuce. Sigh. It makes it so soggy. Maybe I never did my homework well. I actually buy both veggies in the salt water for the sake of getting rid the pesticides it may have. After that, my mum helped me by cutting the red cabbage. I was mixing all the ingredients together while she cut. Too much of red cabbage. And very little of lettuce. Hmm.. I really should have bought that organic lettuce. It looks fresh to me. Oh well... First try, so give me few more times like what I did for the egg mayo and I definitely can succeed. Some of u out there may think that this is such a simple salad yet I don't know at all. Who cares? I got lots more to learn till I become a wifey. Ok after much struggle, here is my result:
Okay or not? My mum told me to put a small amount of vinegar in it and mix well. She said that will be better because it will also help kill those pesticides (if any). Whatever, I can't remember what she was saying but vinegar in small amount is okay. Won't die. Like I said, give me another chance and sure succeed. I will never give up learning more healthy recipes. Good try for today. Love it! I had a small bowl after it is done. Now is refridged. Hahahah... Waiting for my dad to come home with that Thousand Island dressing, even though I'm not putting that but maybe get him to try with that dressing... Woohoo...

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