Success in 1st trial

Haha... Guess wat? Prove tat some hassle way is a good way instead. I had giv a trial run at home in saving electricity. We took out al e plugs to prevent unnecessary flow of electric even when it is switch off. Imagine I took out the plugs in my room and it saves 15 hrs a day bcos I wont b at home. Haha... Tat's simply great. My mum jus told mi last nite tat compare wit Sept utilities bill, e usage of electricity dropped from Sep 270kwh to 193kwh. A savin of $10 plus... Haha... Nt bad ba.... Though water I duno hw to start wit cos my mum wil nit to wash clothes la tis n tat.. Haha.. Anyway is a great success. My 2 mths plan will continue. Nw we goin for e 2nd mth trial. Hee... Bt tis stupid bro of mine jus scold mi tis mornin for takin e plug out instead of jus switchin off... Tis stupid asshole!!! Everthin dun care de lor... Then stil say save my head!!! Bloody hell rite? Takin out e plugs can stop the electric flow n it saves $$$$... Blooddy hell. So wat? I wan it tis way means tis way... I wil tel my mum e last time. Take out e plugs when we r nt ard. Stupid asshole bro... No brain... Last nite raining. My mum wan to go dw giv him umbrella but he insist dun nit. Then run in e rain lor... Hw to describe my bro? Damn bloody f***kin stubborn... He tat dun care less attitude is gettin on my nerve. Shall bloody teach him a lesson!!!! So angry!!! Aiya.. Someone like him always so lonely... Stay at hm surf net, watch tv, rot in his rm tinkin of nth bt nonsense... SIMPLY A NO LIFE GUY THAN ME!!!! At least I gt my own things to do... I know hw to hang out wit my pals... He lei??? Stupid asshole... I tink until he old n die, he stil single n lonely. A person live his life tis way may as well GO N DIE beta!!! Y waste $$$ livin in tis world????? No one wil appreciate his existence. Always tat kind of no smile face. Die la... Kaoz... Waste time... Waste electricity at home... Bloody helll... I reali v sick of tat stupid bloody bro of mine!!!! Sickening!!! Hate tis type of ppl.... I wont find someone of tis attitude to b my life time partner... Sickening!!! Shall teach him a reali big lesson!!! Sux!