No MORE inconsiderate BIG Sized Human on EARTH

Sometimes I m reali irritated by al tis ppl. Especially in e train. Their size is so big liao, then they had a backpack wit them. Durin peak hours everyone is rushin home n the train is bloody packed, they duno hw to use their brain n jolly well put dw their backpack. Kaoz... Their size areadi occupy so much of space. Everytime in e train, my face sure black. Cos gt tis type of ppl la. So inconsiderate!!! Bloody hell... So I tell myself I mus slim dw lor!!! Die die mus slim dw... Shit!!!! I dunwan to bcome fat!!!! Is obstructing the traffic!!! Hahaa..... Irritatin!!! I hate it!!!! Especially durin peak hours in e mornin n evenin!!!! So mani kinds of inconsiderate ppl in SG!!! I hope nobody will tink so highly of Singapore. Cos gt tis kind of inconsiderate Singaporeans exists.... If I gt e money, I wil migrate to other country. Cos I cant stand the ppl in SG. Onli know hw to put on an act in front of foreigners... So fake! Wat we wan is from the heart.... I guess nt much of ppl r like tat... I can confirm guarantee.... They will gossip behind ppl back abt tis ang moh tis n tat la... al tat!!! Come on tis is Human Nature!!!!! So fake!!! I tink I m out of my topic bt stil, I feel inconsiderate ppl shd go do some self reflection. Shame on them!!! No EQ!!! Gt IQ no point lor... In e train, some duno hw to move inside the cabin to let others to come in. Jus stand there like stupid dumb dumb!!! Stil gt e cheek to look at u... Bloody helll!!!! Move in la... In bus oso tis kind of prblm... Stupid like helll... Look at me like an idiot! Feel like slappin tat fellow. Arrgghh... I duno wat i talkin abt... Bt I v angry wit al these fake and inconsiderate ppl in SG!