My Sem 1 Results OUT!

Yeah... Finally I got A le. My IT got A but other modules got C & C+. Haha... But reali hapi cos finally I c an A in my result slip. Next sem I shall work hard for few more As. Haiz.. 1 more headache.!! Next Mon is my BEC exam. I haven reali study tat much. I wan to pass... I reali wan to. I wan to b Aerobic Instructor! Tats my wish. I shall squeeze wateva in my brain n pass the exam... But one more lei... Tis Sat my final theory! I nv even touch my book lei. Aiya.. Tml then i read tru... I throw myself out for it le! Dun care! Mus pass everythin!! I tis days cant concentrate. Got tis 2 things in mind how to concentrate when actually so near the FT n BEC... Arrghhh... I duno la... Dun tink too much le. Yeah... can collect my New Balance Real Run cert le. You know wat? I found a kakis for marathon. My Finance Mgr lor. Steady rite? Every single marathon she got participate lor. Cant believe it. I m motivated by her liao. Haha... Tis Sun stil got company event.
800km run lei. Sure lose one. So dun nit bother so much. Treat it as part of my slimming down plan. Kambade!!! GO go Go!!!!