Once again, a wk gOne

A veri tired wk... Weather is becomin colder. Hmm.. Xmas comin. Y S'pore no snow lei? Haiz.. Hw I wish I can go to countries where there is snow!!! Dream on.. Yeah pay day soon. U knoe wat? Once my pay out, I wil go rebond my hair. Then oso register for Hatha Yoga class at Yuhua cc. OMG!!! I m so excited. Tat means my wkends wil nv b e same again. I gt activities goin on. Thanks to my classmate cum exercise buddy. She veri on one lor. Steady rite? I jus tel her onli then she say ok. Learnin at cc is more cheaper. Nw I wil always keep a lookout for classes tat interest mi n I can set aside time for. I wan dance class, stil savin up $$ to learn at海碟音乐lor. There expensive bt they have professional instructor who use to choreograph dance for lots of singers. Y not? M I rite? Hmm.. So hapi tat nw at least I m nt alone @ home in e wkend liao. My frens always nv find mi out one. Even if ask mi out, is either their hse play mahjong or some non interesting activities. Sometimes couldnt make it for some ktv session wit them cos of my studies. Haiz... If ask mi go ktv, I sure go. I like to sing too much. 35 days to 2006. A brand new year. A brand new ME!!! Stay tune!!