-=Another Wk Gone=-

Tis wk duno a gd or a bad one. Tues, a so-call colleague of mine was sacked early in the morning after bein scolded by her boss. OMG!! Tat boss of hers was like a mad dog. Once they come into e office, he ask e two of them into his office and started shoutin at them. Then she was sacked straight away after she shout back at him cos she canot tolerate anymore. Haiz... After she left, he come n ask my colleague to do work for him. I was tinkin u dun pay my colleague lor. U wan u go n employ a new one to work for u. Anyway tis 2 bosses are e LOUSY ones. We do work for other ppl, ask we al to note wat we do for them, later charge them liao stil, money go into his pocket n no extra ones for us. Shit!!!! Dun talk abt it liao. Anyway, tis wk I hv learn hw to plot out drawings frm autocad and also learn hw to change titleblock liao. Yeah... bt tat ASSHOLE boss of mine wont appreciate at al. I told him I learn liao bt nt much reaction frm him. I do things veri initiative liao before he tel mi I knoe wat he wan, I do it bt he oso like nothin to him like tat. FINE then. Nxt time I wil onli do it when he ask n nt b4 tat. It doesnt pays to b gd. Is nearin yr end n I reali mus tolerate for e bonus. I wil n mus do nothin wrong. After tat colleague was sacked, I m e target of his liao to sacked mi. He is jus a cunning wolf. I wont leave tis co. without my bonus. I deserve it cos emotionally n physically torture by him. I HATE HIM!! I mus leaVE here soon. Bt til I get wat I wan first. Yesterday I went out wit e gals again. We went Sakae Sushi for dinner. We gossip n gossip abt tis n tat. Haha... Fun.!! N took pic in e restaurant too. Shiok. Then we walk dw to PS to catch e movie Harry Potter. We mit up wit one of e gal's bf first. Haha.. Show starts. To mi is like a short movie bt actually is for 2 plus hrs. Haiz... Is definitely a gd show to catch... Wow... I had a gd time wit e gals. We r mittin again nxt mth for hi-tea @ Mandarin Hotel. Looking forward... Ok..goin to get ready for my aerobics class.. Wake up early lei today.. Haha.. Good Mornin hor.