Yeah... Oct le!!

Finally is e last day of Sep n I m so hapi cos is Salary Day!!! Wahahha.. Exam oso over le. I so hapi!! yIPPee... Bt nxt wk gt another module startin so our vacation is BURN!! Bt ok la cos e module is interestin n is one of e module I like. Nvm... I shall hv enuff time to save my $$ to go for holidays.. 2 more mths to go n is Xmas.. I gettin bonus by then too... Bt lookin forward to e public holidays at e end of Oct. Haha.. Dun nit c tat sickenin boss is e best. Last Sat I went for e trial cardiobox, sculpt n yoga session for 1.5 hrs. Wow.. nw I knoe wat is real yoga cos I try myself le ma. Cooll... E steps for cardiobox is a bit complicated. In e end, I onli manage to rem one step for cardiobox. Nw at hm I oso do tat steps. For yoga, tat one is tough bt reali gd for those who seldom exercise n those who wan to keep in shape. I m la.. Mayb nxt mth or Nov I wil sign up for aerobics le. I mus conquer everythin.. I'm e QUEEN of e World!!! My World... My Secret Garden... Yeah!!! Women's Day out is comin le... On e 15 Oct. I sign up wit my classmate lei.. Hmm.. lookin forward to tat day. Nw hor.. I no more liability le. So hapi. Manage to get rid of the club membership. Til I earn more than consider takin up the club membership again. So hapi nw. Haha.. I recently jus started readin Rich Dad,Poor Dad. V interesting. Shd hv read it earlier. Buy so long nv start to read at al. Hee.. Anyway I stil reading. Til I finish, I giv e book a review.