Hmm... Life!!!

Hee... today went Jolin Tsai's autograph session at IMM. So best. Tis time get her autograph quite fast, nt like tat time go K One's cos today nt much ppl. I reach there 4plus. Wait til 6 plus then she appear. She nv say much, jus sing two songs n e session start. So happi when I gt her autograph. She is real beauty in person. Reali n no bluff.. Haha... Her voice is like abit cute cute, kiddy kiddy type. Bt nt bad la. Yesterday went Comex 2005 with my bro. Nothin much to c or buy. Waste time. My bro oso borin. He wanted buy a memory stick bt no luck. I wan buy a external DVD for my pc. No luck too. Fine lar.. When gt money oso can buy beta one. Hee.. Today I nv go perform. Why? Becos I told my trainer last min I dunwan to participate. Kind of idiotic mi bt sian lorr. There nobody I can reali talk to. So I nv lor. Rather go support Jolin. Haiz.. Exam comin le. Mus study hard. Gambade!!!