.::My Big Plan::.

Yeah.. I gettin my new specs le.. Cost mi 200bucks. Sigh. Bt no choice. My eyes for two wks cant wear contact lens. And I dunwan tat old pair of specs. So I buy new one. Sure kana scold by Mum. Haiz.. Nvm.. Today I wil go gym after work. Dun care le. Look fat then let it b. After I slim down sure ok one. I wont feel inferior anymore. Haha.. My fren's rom day is comin le. Wow.. Most of my frens r married. When wil it b my turn? I dun even hv a bf. Haha!! Dun care lor. I realise I cant concentrate if I gt bf. Somemore I studyin in poly nw. I m someone who will easily affected by my surrounding.. Nt flexible at al. Anyway, I bought my fren a Precious Thots gift. A small one cos I'm broke after payin for e new specs. E heart tat counts. Hee.. Examinations comin in less than 2 wks. And I haven even start any revision. I tink I beta start burnin midnite oil, wkends stay at hm le. I cant afford to fail n I dun wish to. I v scare and stress nw. Haiz.. Hope exams faster over. Bless mi. I mus pass well enuff! I goin to participate in the Women's Day Out next mth. Cool man.. My 1st time participatin. Duno hw it goes. Everythin mus try rite? Is a 3hour aerobics mass workout. Cool! Mus train myself nt to b lazy le. Start to workout more. Hee.. Hope by then I m fit enuff to stan e 3 hours workout. Duno wan to jio my fren to participate anot. C hw lar.. Mayb next mth, goin to take my final theory. Too lazy le lar.. Mus buck up!!! I mus!!!!!!!! Gambade!!