Nite out @ Dbl O

Last nite went Dbl O wit my gal fren after makan at Central Mall. Wow.. frm Central Mall to Mohd Sultan is jus walkin distance lei. Haha... My gal fren say next time can go CM eat le then go club... So damn near! We went in abt 9plus to 10. E crowd stil ok lor. B4 goin in, I told my gal fren if cant find a place to sit, I wil kill her!!!! Arrggghhh...Lucky us, we found a sofa sit at one corner near to dance floor. Then order drinks lor.!! Let mi tel u tis, dun eva order BARCADI SHOT!!! It drive mi crazy man tat STupid drink!!! My gf keep laffin at mi. Is jus like Tequila Nick lor.. Wah lau... Actually is stupid mi who make a mistake. I nv tel e waiter properly I wan which Barcadi... Hahaha... Then we jus sit there, play 5 10 la... Shit, always mi drink!! Cos I lose ma.. Haiz... Then her frens al came in later hours. Wah lau.. most happening nite lor.. One of her fren brin a gal out then ask mi n my gf look after her. Wat kind of guy is tis? Wah lau.. jus brin a gal out for fun of it lor.. Win liao la he... Then tis gal is crazy once she is high man! I can b sure wit u!!! She keep dancing lor n drink too n nv realise she is an ez target. My gf cos nit to look after her kana take advantage by another guy. Tis guy in stripe reali tryin to b funi! My gf knows him. Bt hw abt another guy sia? Al of us duno who is he. Mi e most kuai one. Sit there enjoy e music, enjoy seein ppl who can dance well. Hahha... I'm v particular in dancin. Especially when it comes to clubbin. *as if I'm expert* Hahaahhaha.... I gt dance la. Bt no nice music, no good rhytmn music I stop lor... V retro.. I like it. My gf's fren thot I duno hw to appreciate retro. He is wrong wrong.. Haha.. I love it more than anyone. So e nite is spend talkin wit her frens, drinkin lor. I nv drink alot. Cos I kind of high le, so I stop. Bt cannot avoid tat Tequila pop.. OMG...Is so horrible.. Bt so lucky dun nit drink tat NICK. My gf help mi drink... Hahah.. Thanks Gal!!! I appreciate it. My gf oso v on one... Accompany tat gal dance al nite long. Haha.. Aiya, al along she is v on one... Come Dbl O oso last min one.. Cos I rush back from Tampines after my dance trainin. Abit tired la actually. Bt long time nv go club le. Next clubbin nite wil b after my CA is over. Haha.. Definitely go Club MO MO... Like v happening there too.. Saw e crowd last nite b4 goin Dbl O. Can club, club more when young. If nt, when old, no strength le... Haaaa... Went trainin yesterday was jus so great. Reali.. Haha.. thanks to two guys frm my circle formation who nv turn up for e trainin. Then I gt e chance to hv my choreographer to b my temp dance partner. Haha.. He is e one I hv crush wit...!!! *sweet* Actually he nv partner mi at first. Is another trainer partner mi. Then duno wat reason he change wit him to partner wit mi lor... Wohoho... I m so damn hapi but shy... Though at first he is jus beside mi (partner wit another gal), I sort of disappointed bt hapi la, bt then later wit him, I feel more paiseh lei...Bt damn hapi!!!! I dun dare to look at him. Bt no choice lei.. Hv to lei... He smile at mi then I smile back lor... Aiya.. v paiseh lar... Bt damn high damn hapi... Hahahahh..... I told my gf abt it lor.. She laff at mi... SO SWEET!!!!