Confidence needed pls...

Hmm..Jus on Wed, I went for dance training. On my way home, gt to knoe there is a singing competition audition next Sat (6/8). I'm so lucky to get a instance application form frm one of my dance group member. Haha.. I submitted yesterday. Hope to get a audition appointment soon. Yeah.. Sure use Jolin Tsai's song, one of my fav idol. Nt revealing e song til I gt my appointment.*wink* I'm jus in time lei.. Closing date is 30 Jul 05. Haiz.. If nt, I miss e chance again. I wan to feel tat kind of excitement n hw e procedure goes. Tml is my performance on preview show at Tampines. Wah lau.. y nt at Jurong East? So near my hse... *cheeky* Anyway, e whole of Aug is my bz mth. Gt trainin & performance, CA tests. So stress. Mus prepare myself for al tis challenge. I reali hv make full use of my time lei. Steady rite? Recently, I hv read frm a book on hw to detox. Haha... So I try one of e method. I duno I can reali influence so mani ppl. My whole office except for the bosses, follow wat I do lei... Simple, jus by addin lemon juice to our drinkin water. Plain water ok? Gd for our liver and gall bladder. Try it for long term. I nw oso into eatin turtle soup once a wk. No choice. My skin problem lor after last yr go Bintan, come back like tat liao. Bt nice lei. I thot I wont like e taste. Bt use to it le.. Yeah... GAMBADE!!!


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