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Fruits provide us with essential vitamins and minerals, and high in fiber too. We need not just vegetables but also fruits in order to get a balance of nutrients for our body. I can't deny that not just a single vegetable or fruit can get you all the nutrients so the best solution is to have them on a daily basis, 2 servings a day and try different vegetables and fruits so that you won't get bored.

In our fridge, you will always see fruits of at least 2 types. After I joined my current company, I was influenced to having salad too. Easy preparation, just like having fruits. So before every dinner, we will have either fruits or salad on alternate days. Because I read that fruits digest in our body faster (20-40 minutes) than the food we have (an hour or more). So if we wanna absorb the nutrients from fruits, have them 30 minutes before every meal. And that prevents you from overeating too. It helps. That is why we have changed to this routine for quite some time already.

Usually, we will go to supermarkets or traditional markets to grab our fruits but with our Country still fighting against Covid-19, it will be best to stay home as much as we can. With the recommendation from Best in Singapore, this is our first time ordering fruits via Fruits Delivery Singapore.

The online platform has a vast variety of fruits to choose from and you can even get seasonal fruits, processed fruits (eg. raisins, roasted chestnuts), cut fruits and bottled juices. They deliver fresh fruits daily to your doorstep in 2 hours free with purchase of $60 and above. So now, no more worries when you are run out of fruits in your household.

I love having lemon infused water as it is beneficial for our health and body. The lemons I got from Fruits Delivery Singapore were so big that all 3 lemons yielded almost 350ml of juice. Enough to last me for at least a month if I drink once everyday. Usually I will pour some juice into lukewarm water for consumption. I know some will just slice the lemon and put a slice or two into the water to drink. Depends on how you want to do.

Remember not to throw the lemons away after juicing. You use as fridge deodorant. The fridge is gonna smell good.

What else do we have in our fruit box? Lots more.

The moment the box of fruits arrived, that smell coming from this Honey Pineapple was so fragrance that the husband couldn't stop talking about it. Tall and sturdy, it was one that suits the pineapple rolling ceremony for new houses or shops. Confirm HUAT ah. No doubt the sweetness, the husband cut the entire pineapple and rid of the 'eyes' so that we won't get poke or pierce by it.

Oh ya. Also do the same to the skin (with some flesh) and use it as fridge deodorant too.

The strawberries were big and sweet although it was only a few pieces (3 big and 3 small ones) at $6.50. Not enough for me to make my favourite Non-bake Jelly Cheesecake. Besides that, berries are good for our immune system and also for a healthy hair growth as they are loaded with essential components like antioxidants and vitamins. Shall pump more berries for the sake of my precious hair. 

Mister never got sick of having oranges before dinner. Whenever I suffer from constipation, he will just ask me to take oranges. It works at times, along with water parade. And so orange is a standing order during grocery shopping. Load yourself with Vitamin C as much as you can. 

Alright. Sun Plums was just like Aus Blackcat Plums I got (not in the photo). A sweet-bitter taste. Looks like a mini peach to me with that colour.

Every bite of Piqaboo Pear was sweet and juicy. Smaller in size as compared to Snow Pear. Nice try as we never come across red pear (the common ones in green and yellow colour).

The inside wasn't that pink but okay, not entirely tasteless. And crunchy too. Had it with the skin intact because too lazy to peel. Oh ya... good to have with sour plum powder. 

Order your fruits now (link here) with Fruits Delivery Singapore. Try the ones you seldom see in the markets. Be more adventurous when it comes to fruits. Custard Apples, USA Dinosaur Grenade and more. With Owari Photography skills, it is enough to convince anyone to start having fruits and more fruits. Cheers to a healthier you.

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