The Secret to Comfort Footwear at BATA

Everyone has this catchy line in mind about BATA: Buy and Throw Away. You have to agree that this is how we remember BATA and this is how we love BATA.

The leading footwear manufacturer from Czechoslovakia whom have set up the first store in Singapore on August 1931 have since been a symbolic icon of footwear industry for decades.

With their commitment to continuously improve in their field of shoemaking and staying ahead of trends, they have recently unveiled a collection that merges the classic contemporary design with OrthoLite Foam Technology that brings you outstanding comfort.

Seriously needed especially for someone like myself who is a flat feet person.

For Ladies

For Men

Suitable for everyday wear, BATA Flexible Collection lets you present yourself in any occasions for long hours through day and night in comfort. Especially when you are required to stand many a times. And you can party on them without feeling aching the next day.

The features of this collection are Polyurethane Upper and Polyurethan Padded OrthoLite insoles made with high quality materials and special outsole designs. Along with Ultra Flex rubber outsole made partly from recycled rubber contents, that gives you an outstanding elasticity, resistance and comfort (thanks to OrthoLite Foam Technology), all in one price at $49.95 each.

Choose from styles like Moccasin, Dress Slip-on and Derby, in matte and glossy finishing and colours from browns, grey and black.

Exclusively at selected BATA stores or shop online at now.