Media Invite | New Menu at Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

You may have probably know and even tried various types of Japanese Ramen from all over social media. Spoilt for choice as each restaurant has its own uniqueness from their style of cooking or ingredients specially imported or not. Sometimes you can't decide which is your top favourite too. Because it all depends on one's preference especially the broth. 

Before you come to a conclusion on your best choice, allow me to add one to your list of must-try ramen shop which I have visited recently, all thanks to J Passport and Santouka. To celebrate their 8th Anniversary, they have curated an Anniversary Menu for this joyous occasion.

Spicy Shio Ramen

The broth has walked its way into my heart. Light and savoury, it has definitely been boiled and simmered for a while with simple ingredients to achieve that level of goodness. The taste just lingered in your mouth for awhile too. And the ramen was at its springy texture while immersing in the broth of the great taste. Definitely for me and those heavy taste bud.

Kaisen Hiyashi Mazesoba

Present you with a plate of seafood soupless noodles. At one glance, it looked like any other salad but underneath it was a layer of noodles. A healthy dish because of the ingredients that came with it (like salmon, cherry tomatoes and so on) and the toppings that you get to choose affirms my instinct. The noodles looked dry and normal but at the right texture and didn't taste starchy. When mixed with all ingredients and toppings, it went well by enhancing its bland taste. Looks like Lo Hei (Chinese Yusheng) to me.

How to enjoy this dish?

Choose 2 out of 7 vegetable toppings: Flavoured bamboo shoots, coriander, black fungus, cheese, broccoli, Sichuan & red pepper flavour with green onion, and mixed vegetables.

Choose 1 out of 3 meat toppings: Char-siu, roast beef and unagi.

Choose 2 out of 7 vegetables.

Choose 1 out of 3 meat toppings.

Put in your toppings and mix.

Tadaa... Tuck in now!

Add chilli oil if you want.

Strawberry Parfait

Don't forget your sweet treat. The vanilla ice cream was milky enough and I'm starting to love having cornflakes with ice cream. Like match-made from heaven.

For more on Santouka's Anniversary New Menu, click the link. Enjoy!

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka is known for its Hokkaido-style ramen and pork cheek. And its recipe is consistent throughout all the 53 outlets in 9 countries so fret not about the quality of standard. Customers will get the same quality where ever they are.

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Operating Hours:
Monday - Thursday
Lunch : 12pm - 3pm (Last Order: 2:45 pm)
Dinner : 5.30pm - 11:30pm (Last Order: 11pm)