Day out with the Folks | Changi Village

Good Friday people. Yes... is over but just to update on the day with my parents.

Went down all the way to Pasir Ris to meet up with them at their friends' house. Took bus 109 from Pasir Ris to Changi Village. Since already in the East, why not ya? And I have not been there for awhile too. Even though is a raining afternoon but it never dampen our spirits. Great way to spend time with them too.

Upon arrival, we walked straight to the jetty, crossing the bridge to the beach. You will see families having picnic gatherings under the wet weather (hide in shelters for some) as the rain got lighter. Sometimes I love to have picnic dates with my friends. Because so chillax. Must execute this plan one fine day. Also saw tents pitched along the beach area. Hmm... I won't want overnight stay by the beach. Just picnics. Enjoying the sea breeze. Strolling down, see happy faces, enjoying every moment of such view. 

Changi Point

This jetty has been here for the longest time and it brings you to Pulau Ubin, an island of Singapore where you can enjoy village moments and even nature walk. $3 per person, one way boat ride. So total per person is $6 return trip. During holidays, a lot of people but the frequency is quite regular. So don't be afraid that you have to wait long time. And not only that, this jetty brings you to Pengarang, a district of Malaysia near to Johor. No wonder on one side of the jetty, there is a custom. Remember to bring passport. Is needy right? You are crossing over to another country. 

Changi Point Coastal Walk

On one side of the walking path is the chalets and on the other, the sand and sea. My dad was saying that those pointy rocks on the beach are the natural ones unlike some others. And as you walk further down, you see mangrove. Though not high tide then, but is good to see some nature views. Not just about the history of this place, Changi. Also, you can see Pulau Ubin across from here.

And finally after much walking, we settled for tea at Changi Village Hawker Centre. There are many stalls selling a wide variety of food. You can a taste of Nasi Lemak, Ayam Penyet, Briyani from Malay stalls, carrot cake, dough fritters, fried dumpling noodles from Chinese stalls and many many more. Will come back again when we head for Pulau Ubin.

When it is time to head back home, we took bus no. 2 and travelled all the way to Lavendar for a train ride back home. Enjoyed the bus ride from Changi Village to Lavendar because you get to see the other side of Singapore. An eye-opener that day. Definitely appreciate even more. Cheers.