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Time to explore more of the food spots in Yishun and Sembawang. I never really did that when I lived in the West and felt a little regretful. So this time round, I shall not let any chances off again and always prepare to hunt down new places in this area, before I decided to move house, again.

And there you have the husband's friend recommending this place for Thai food. It was said to be reasonably priced and the food is good. For someone who has high expectations on food (his friend), if this is good, then is gonna be the right choice. I can't wait till my birthday to try (the man plans to bring me here for birthday treat) so here we are after a hard day at work. Food blogger at work again.

Located in the industrial areas of Yishun, the humble looking stall opens in the evening in this coffeeshop, Taste of Thailand. Really. I don't see other stalls opening, not even the drinks stall. From the looks of it, the business is thriving well on its own because by 7pm, tables are packed with dinner patrons and still flowing in as we left on a happy tum tum. Manning their own drink stall, we ordered lime juice at only $1.50 each. They have canned beers too. Rejoice drinkers!

Pineapple Rice $3 (Small)

The texture of the rice is a little too soft or should I say, moist. Near soggy. But nevertheless, still alright. No hype over it. Must understand that it meant to be on the sweet side, not like those savoury ones I have out there or cooked at home. 

Because it is a little way too much for two of us to handle (though we ordered a small one), this rice dish has to be packed away for my lunch the next day. Idea right? I don't waste food when it is already paid.

Thai Deep Fried Fish Delight $17 (Medium)

This is a must-order and has proven its worth with almost every table having it. The crisp skin and fresh fish. What's more can you ask for? Dip with a mixture of sweet, sour and spicy sauce, it enhances the taste further and the husband agrees with a full nod. The downside will be the fish full of bones. Take note. 

Tom Yum Soup $3 (Small)

The very first time the husband approves this soup because it is not overwhelmed by the lemongrass taste. Mild taste of lemongrass with a hint of sweetness. I love it and even more if the ingredients can be fresher. Nevertheless, I recommend this.

Fried Tang Hoon $3 (Small)

Will come back for this again or even try cooking at home. This savoury dish is common yet da BOMB! Flavourful and it spices up your appetite as a side. The best supporting role in this meal.

Deer Meat with Ginger and Spring Onion $13 (Small)

I personally think this dish need a little more effort. The meat doesn't seems to absorb enough of the marination or seasoning. I can't taste the flavour. Just chewing on a piece of... meat though is not rubbery.

As for their service, I have to say they take order and serve up dishes real fast. They have enough manpower do the job and mostly, guys. Polite and friendly. Not sure if they have many chefs in the kitchen. If not, how to serve the dish up fast? Or maybe food preparation is done beforehand to handle the dinner crowd. Anyway, thumbs up! And total cost with drinks is $42. What do you think? I do think is worth especially when you have that fish on the table.

Be back on another trip for their pepper crab which the husband's friend mentioned that it is good! Can't wait. And now I believe that there are always hidden treasures in industrial areas, especially their coffeeshops or canteens.


Yes as promised, I'm back to update though is kind of late. We went back there for crabs this time and I would say not so bad but not as good as the ones at Sentosa because the pricing is about the same. Still enjoyed it especially with their steamed buns to dip in the sauce.

And of course for their calamaris. Well... this wasn't as fantastic as I thought it would be. It is nice but just that the taste is a little bland but chewy texture. Or should I say is on the lighter side? But anyway, good to try on that. Probably you might find a different opinion for this side.

Taste of Thailand
1001 Yishun Industrial Park A
Singapore 768743
Nearest MRT: Yishun (NS Line)