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I always have a liking of Taiwanese stuff from their singing groups like Energy, K-One to idol dramas like My MVP Valentine to stepping into this island for the 1st time think more than 8 years ago to watching the variety shows. I would say they stand quite a big place in my heart as compared to other countries. So as you grow older, you know more things like beauty products, bags, gadgets to food. Food has always been a need in everyday life and you can't live without it. 

How I actually come across this cafe is again through Taiwanese food show. I never get a chance to try it because of my husband who is not a sweet tooth and have to give it a miss whenever we visit Taiwan despite knowing their existence. My impression of their cafe was very white and pinkish. So sweet. But after knowing that the franchise store will be opening in Singapore, I give no chance of missing it even if I have to finish up a huge toast on my own. And I really did it on Good Friday.

It was a public holiday when I went for the first time and yup, there is a queue but not a long one (luckily). Waited for about 15 mins (I guess) and I got a table all on my own. Nice. The second time I came with my friend, no queue and imagine is dinner hours on weekdays. I feel so lucky. 

They have both Sweet and Main menu (or should I call it Savoury menu) to choose from and if you want, enjoy the best of both at a go. Sweet menu is mainly their toasts and the Main menu is mostly their appetizers and so on. The concept for this store is of a cafe and restaurant in one place. I think another outlet is opening at Orchard. Find out more.

If you don't fancy any of their drinks menu, just ask for still water. Good enough to wash down the taste especially when you are having both their toast and main course. If not, the mix of taste will confuse you.

Matcha with Azuki Beans Honey Toast 
SGD 19.90

I asked for a crispy toast texture (you can choose from soft, regular or crispy) and they are living up to that expectation indeed. Because you know it is crispy when you hear the noises in your mouth with every bite. Nice try.

Was quite overwhelmed by the creaminess as you can see above. You spread the cream that is drizzled with matcha sauce on the bread bites found within that layers of toast. Preferably I like to spread with their matcha ice cream. But I had the ice cream on its own so too bad.

Overall, I do wish there bread bites can smaller especially for ladies because we do want to have every bite elegantly.

Chocolate Lava Crispy Toast
SGD 14.90

I chose this because is sweet. But... where is that chocolate lava? As I cut a piece out, no lava oozing out. So sad. Just saw layers of chocolate spread within. Syrup for you to pour over. Excuse me this is too sweet to handle. But I have to say this is less creamy than the one I had on my first visit. Oh again, their ice cream is good!

Cheese Lava Crispy Toast
SGD 13.90

Confirmed nacho cheese taste. Although I don't fancy cheese but this is a savoury toast which cheese lovers out there, you can try. At least for this toast, I do see that cheese lava oozing out as you cut it. If only they can serve some nachos on the plate to dip in. Haha... what a combination is this?

Buffalo Wings
SGD 15.90

Call me a lousy taster but this buffalo wings taste more like a mix of tom yum and Tabasco sauce. I meant the marination. I understand different places served different style and taste of buffalo wings. But I don't really fancy this one here because is not at the right mix that I want. What is your opinion on this?

Mentaiko Fries
SGD 8.90

A must-order side. I love this fries in Mentaiko sauce. Addictive and you can never get enough of it. I mostly see this sauce used for spaghetti/pasta. This one on fries is still new to me (call me outdated lady). Savoury and I think I'm gonna get a bottle soon.

I saw many patrons ordering their pastas and of course is dinner time and rightfully you should be eating something in proper. But we go against the odd. Appetizers and their toasts. I just leave it as it is for now and if I were to go for a 3rd time, I shall try their pasta menu and have it posted on my Instagram. Stay tune.

Dazzling Cafe Singapore

15 Stamford Road, #01-85
Capitol Piazza
Singapore 178906

Nearest MRT: City Hall