Food Review | The Scholar 秀才 - Singapore

Don't be mistaken what I am gonna blog about. It is just another food review and this Chinese restaurant is named The Scholar. I guess it is quite appropriately named, especially when it is operating inside the University. I am glad to have this opportunity to try out the menu at The Scholar. All thanks to my colleague for the treat. All three of us had a very full-filling lunch. 

Important note. The Scholar is not open to public and only meant for members and NUS staff. So if you wanna come, hook on someone who can satisfy either one of the requirement.

Ordered a mix of appetizers, vegetables and of course their signature dish, Peking Duck, a not-to-miss dish. You can see most of the tables ordering the Peking Duck. So are we. Served with a pot of hot piping Chrysanthemum tea, time to dig in the mouth-watering dishes.

Crispy Prawn Rolls
Yes... it lives up to its name. The composition of the ingredients for the fillings brings out the fragrance taste along with the crispiness on the outside. The firmness with every bite. If you wanna to enhance the taste further, dip on the plum sauce, though I still prefer to have it on its own. Quite addictive but wanna keep some space for the later.

Peking Duck
Here is their signature dish, Peking Duck. Supposedly thought to be half a duck but actually a whole. No wonder it looks like a big portion to feed, maybe 10 pax with 2 each. But the 3 of us have it all on our own. Yes... as usual I had lesser. Nice taste, not fatty nor oily at all. I can have one mouthful at a go. Lol... I eat like a glutton. The usual way of eating is spread with some sauce, add a spring onion or two, or cucumber. But I just have it without and it tastes decent. Which means their duck is good lah!!! No escape for that skin wrap. Taste like crepe. 

Prawn Paste Chicken
This one is good too. Though I think the batter is a little thick, it has this crispiness on the outside and juicy on the inside. No hype over it though getting a nod from the husband when I brought back some for dinner. Addictive dish number 2!

Fried Kenya Beans with Minced Pork
I suppose to cook sambal long beans last weekend but end up with something else. But my long beans are not like this seedless type which is awesome actually. Shall find them one day. If only there is a bowl of rice to go along. It will be a perfect match. Tasty with a tolerable level of spiciness. But too stuffed with Peking duck.

Ee Fu Noodles
By the time this big portion of Ee Fu Noodles is served, there is no room for further expansion. So just mouthfuls of the noodles before we asked for it to be packed away. This is cooked with the same Peking duck but those shredded meat and all. Like my colleague said, 1 duck 2 dishes. Worthwhile. Succulent noodles and not heavily seasoned. Everything at the right tone of taste.

But again there is a saying that our tummy will always have rooms for dessert. Seriously I don't believe until today. I love the aloe vera and jelly. The jelly has this lemon grass taste but my colleagues said that is osmanthus taste. Very light and not so sweet. Just nice to end the meal and beat the heat out there. Quite refreshing.

Overall, a good experience and definitely worth giving a try. I saw the dim sum lunch. I want to try!!!

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The Scholar Chinese Restaurant
Kent Ridge Guild House
9 Kent Ridge Drive
Singapore 119241
Nearest MRT: Kent Ridge (Circle Line)