Travelogue | Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Hot hot hot... The weather just gets hotter, like in summer!!! If we have that four seasons in our country, definitely summer time now. WEATHER IS A BITCH!

Anyway, this is another trip to JB with my folks and I actually realized too late that this week is school holidays and the causeway is so packed that you are cursing and swearing when the queue for custom and bus journey just not something you expect. Bad move. By the time we reach City Square, it is lunch time at 12.30pm and my folks are tired from the standing and hunger. Me too. Imagine we started the journey from 10+ in the morning. Seriously can't beat that crazy crowd. Good thing is that we don't need to fill up that arrival card. If not, it will be even slower at the custom. And also our Singapore custom side. God bless us. But SBS bus frequency for 160 and 170 CAN YOU INCREASE MORE? Seriously. If I ever wanna step in JB again, I opt for the CW1 bus service. Frequency more. I'm willing to pay!

Anyway, we chose the convenience food stop as soon as we step in City Square, which is Old Town. Even for food, we have to wait. Annoying much.

Drinks is what we need immediately to replenish the fluid lost during the near 2 hours travel in here. Much needed.

Mum's prawn noodles. A taste of sweet and spicy which she didn't resist though she seldom take spices. I guess is hunger. The soup base is definitely different from the ones we had in Singapore. Nice try.

That is my Dry Pan Mee. Quite nice. I guess is hunger too. But I can't deny the taste. Mixing well with their sauce, my Pan Mee is damn tasty. Some may find a little salty but who cares? What is more important? I like them will do. It is also served with soft-boiled eggs. Nah... I like it with sauce. Enough.

Dad's wantan mee. The wantan (dumplings) are not crispy at all. Not up to his palate as he finds it too sweet the sauce. No appetite for him too so mum has to finish the balance for him.

Less than SGD20 for the bill so probably this shall be our resting feet place if we were to come in again. Now let's hit the street.

Dad intended to bring us visit the Johor Sultan Palace but only to know that it is closed to public for 8-9 months already, according to the cabby. Yes... we took a metered cab and the cabby just brought us to one of the new palace, to take photos outside for memory and head back.

Gorgeous crown up there. Why did I find the sky so blue and nice? But not as blue as those in Melbourne.

Off we head back to Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, the street where in my opinion, great for cafe-hopping. And of course that popular bakery, Hiap Joo Bakery & Biscuit Factory.

By the time we reach there for their buns, all sold out. Left with their freshly baked banana cakes. So we bought 3 boxes back.

Let me show you why I say is great for cafe-hopping.

One that is found next to the bakery.

Maybe about 10 steps or more to another one from the bakery.

Neh... another one. And more. I saw a few cafes in this street. Superb like this place.

This is the lunch stop from our last trip here in 2015. Remember? Read here.

So we just walk straight up. Past the so-called Little India street, then a old shopping mall Galleria @ Kota Raya. And soon, we reached a Chinese temple. Interesting sight is seeing a Caucasian couple offering joss sticks like the locals. They may not know much about our Chinese culture but I believe they know doing so is like blessing them this trip safe and sound. To me, I always have this in mind: when in Rome, follow the Romans do. They are and I admire them. That is the spirit of travelling.

After the visit to the temple, we went across the road as a shortcut back to City Square is spotted by my dad. Some back alley. But nostalgia.

Then is some shopping at City Square before heading home. Need to beat the peak hours where most people are ready to head back too. But instead, we saw more people heading to JB. The custom queue is just as long as the one we experience in the morning. Not the queue for Malaysians okay? The queues for foreigners like us. And one annoying thing when queuing for bus back home, 2 bitches cut queue. I shouted at them but still shamelessly got on the bus before us. Continue to swear at them even in the bus. BITCH PLEASE! Don't mess with me when in queue! Curse you deep deep! Hate such people to the core.

Anyway, show you peeps the banana cake from Hiap Joo Bakery. Soft and moist. And it leaves you that after-taste in your mouth, not in your hand. The bakery is actually filled with that banana fragrance when you stepped in. No more buns ma. So their freshly baked banana cakes take over.

My loots for this trip is mostly on food. And it is some childhood snacks. Hiro Choc Cake is a little sweet. I put it in the fridge because the chocolate layer sticks on the wrapper as you eat. No kick. So I decided to put in the fridge so that it hardens a little. My Apollo wafers are good as usual.

You peeps may find it crazy like why on earth will I go JB just to buy Panadol. Excuse me. This is half the price of what you can find in Singapore. Some more is 30 tablets. I wanted to buy a 50 tablets but my mum said I'm crazy and why would I need so much. Wah she don't know I siao siao flu or headache as and when it likes coming to haunt me. So peeps, worth stocking up.

I realize that my every trip to JB, I see different sights and that is what I want. The only thing that is always the same is buying food stuff at City Square and buying books at Popular bookstore before heading back to Singapore. Well... till next time. But I'm sure I am not going to come during school holidays. NEVER!