Food Tasting | Special Festive Menu only at McDonalds

Hooray... my favourite festive season is nearing, which is just less than a month! I feel so excited every year in December because not just Christmas is coming, awaiting to usher a brand year, plus AWS a.k.a 13th month supplement from the Company. And lots of Christmas gatherings where you get to eat and eat non-stop plus gift exchange. I just can't describe how I feel in words! *Ecstatic* 

While thinking of the gathering venues, have you ever listed McDonald's as one of your choice?

WHAT! NO? Too mainstream? Where got people go McDonald's for Christmas gatherings? Hey why not? People also can study there, meet financial advisors there, couples pak tor there with a simple fastfood meal. So what is so weird about having to choose McDonald's as your year-end gathering venue? Come on lah... if you think that way then you gonna miss out a lot. Boo...

I lugged back my dinner under the hot sun on a Saturday afternoon. What is more better than to have your dinner at the comfort of your home? Luckily I have a small Coke Float with me to tame the thirst and agitation inside me. Chillax... Rootbeer Float is too mainstream. Have a refreshing, creamy Coke Float then. *ahhhhhhhh*

Now here is my weekend dinner with the husband. McDonald's Special Festive Menu (available from now till 30 Dec 2015): Clubhouse burgers, Truffle Flavoured Shaker Fries (from $3.25), Red Velvet McFlurry with Oreo Cookie Bits and of course, Coke Float ($2.90 for a small size).

Love the burger packaging. Indeed festive don't they? Even their McFlurry is made so Christmas-y. Christmas is all about red and white. And green too. Santa's Elves...

You have a choice between Beef and Grilled Chicken for their Clubhouse Burgers. All topped with lettuce and tomato, the chicken bacon strips, cheddar cheese and caramelized onions served between the soft, glazed buns. Take a look at the smooth and shiny (a little) crown top. Oops... the onions and sauce are oozing out. Ho ho ho... no la... the melted cheese contributes to this sight.

I guess Grilled Chicken Clubhouse Burger will be the healthier choice of all but you can balance your meal further by swapping the normal fries with corn cup at no extra charges. Lessen your guilt for a heavy meal. The chicken patty is big, quite fulfilling. So I would love to have a generous (big) portion of lettuce too. The crunchiness plus meaty taste on every bite. Yum Yum...

As for the Beef Clubhouse Burger, the same as mentioned above for Grilled Chicken. So.... if you like Beef, take beef. If you like chicken, take Grilled Chicken. If you like both, have the best of both world at a go! Why not?

I'm not sure what's the fuss over their Truffle Flavoured Shaker Fries. Some find it too salty (shaking the whole pack of seasoning), some find it smells like plastic, and some find no hints of truffle taste. So before going to the extent to judge like others, I tried with half a pack of seasoning. I shook it damn hard to even out the seasoning. It did have that Truffle taste, not overwhelming and I even find it not enough. For those light taste bud, half a pack is the right amount for you. Add gradually if you want a stronger taste. 

And for those who wanna have better truffles fries, spend more bucks at cafes then. Already it named as Truffle Flavoured and they never call it Truffle Fries. Get that? And the price is economical, what's more do u wanna ask for? I'm easy with their food and any other food, paid by myself or paid for, unless it really TASTE DAMN BAD that even my taste bud can't stand it. 有的吃就吃. Don't always judge everything in the world, even food also judge. End up, still patronize McDonald's. So?

Treat yourself to their Red Velvet McFlurry with Oreo Cookie Bits after a hearty meal. Creamy and strawberry-ish. Pinkish and a little Whitish. Of course when it says Red Velvet, first thing comes to mind is red. And white layer. Turns everything so pinkish. A little sweet for me but I guess is alright. Once awhile, you need some indulgence. And that Oreo Cookie bits from within.

I'm not very into creamy ice cream but hope one day, McDonald's can offer their very own sorbet to go with their meal. I'm waiting! I will come for that! Grant my wish please...

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What are you waiting for? 

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