Food Review | Segar Restaurant 食家小厨 [Halal Certified]

Yes! To my Muslim readers, here is my latest find. A Halal Chinese restaurant at Chinatown Point. If you have already know, that's great! If you haven't, read on.

Wasn't sure what to have for dinner, as usual. Wondering around the basement for something that both myself and the husband would want. Being typical Chinese, we settled in at Segar Restaurant. One look on the menu, it looks like Zichar stall but in a more comfy, air-conditioned place for dining. Ordered something simple to try.

Bittergourd Omelette - $8

This tastes more like Fu Yong omelette style (yes it is) but with bittergourd. It is not heavily seasoned so a little bland for me though. Slightly oily too. Probably it is meant to be this way because of how such omelettes are cooked. The first thing came into my mind is why bittergourd? Probably the others like with prawns, scallions, tomato and even chai po are too mainstream. Sounds more like home cooking huh? 

Hong Kong Kai Lan w Oyster Sauce - $10.80

Spot how shiny this kai lan is? We are guessing that they deep fried it before a quick stir-frying with the sauce. That leaves the stem on crunchy mode. I usually don't like having the stems but this one was okay. Anyway... mediocre taste. A common dish on a typical dining table. But not worth the price with such portion.

Pandan Leaf Chicken - $10.80

This pandan leaf chicken is the only one the husband is looking forward and yes... it didn't disappoint him, and me too. The taste is somehow like Prawn Paste Chicken at first but nice to have it along with some rice. Never dip the mayo because I always believe in having my food at its origin first, at least. It is good enough. Tasty. Try it!

I saw many tables with curry fish head. But wanted something light though. Probably you can head on down to Chinatown Point now. Have a peck or nibble of everything. Share the fats with your family and friends. 

133 New Bridge Road
ChinaTown Point
Singapore 059413
Tel: 6444 1778