Damn it... I must always remember today, 4 Aug 2015.


Ya... only to realize when I reached workplace and was about to buy my breakfast.

Digging everywhere in the big bag of mine, I couldn't see or feel a trace of my long wallet! WTF!

And yes... I'm basically gonna act cool and go without food for the whole day till after work. 

Then I was digging yet again for any traces of dollars and cents in my bag because I have this habit of putting my change in the bag because of convenience. Then I found a 50 cents and a 5 cents. 

I look around the canteen and realize that the only thing I can get IN THIS ENTIRE CANTEEN WITH 50 cents is Milk Tea. But why the hell would I want a milk tea when I'm hungry? 

And that makes me realize something. In my Primary school days (80s and 90s), 50 cents can buy you a bowl of fishball noodles. Now in 2015, you hardly can buy a single shit that can feed you proper. Let alone snacks. I have lived for the past 34 years and changes is too much to contain. Yes... we have to progress and be better. But why salary never progress too? Damn it!

Another thing that makes me realize is that I should have a small coin purse in my bag which I won't take out regularly. I took my wallet out when I'm home is because I need the receipts of my purchase to do recording. YES YES! After married, I followed my mum's footsteps and do a manual recording of my purchases. This way, it actually tells me where my money fly to rather than forgetting or not knowing where it gone to. 

So after today, I will prep myself with a small coin purse in the bag. Damn it.

Last realization is, I can actually forget about my phone but not my wallet. My mobile phone can't withdraw money for me to buy food. It is useless when my wallet is not with me! I'm a glutton. I can't go without food in the day but okay in the night. 

I actually can remember to bring extra slippers and my jacket but NOT WALLET! Why did I forget to put my wallet back in my bag? WHY WHY WHY????

Anyway, I sms my husband to bring my wallet out since tonight we are heading for grocery shopping. Guess what? He received my sms at 11+ in the morning when I sent at 8.30am. WTF! By the time he sees it, he is already in office. Screw! Either his Samsung Galaxy phone got problem or M1 screw up because no network! He told me no network you know that's why his phone is so peace in the morning when usually is blasting with phone calls for work. DAMN IT!

But luckily he has time in between appointments so he went home to pick up my wallet. I'm saved! Like only after work. It seems like a long lost touch of my precious long wallet.

Latest update at 12.42pm!

Realizing that I have my ezlink card with me. And it is those NETS Flashpay type. I'm saved! At least I still got money in the card. I reali cant imagine 1 day tragedy strikes. No money in my ezlink card plus no wallet w me. Damn it! I swear no way will it happen. 

Okay. Back to my story. I know we can pay using Nets or Nets Flashpay at Mr Bean. I was a little reluctant at first because it will be embarassing when their machine is not working after I ordered. Rem? I only have 50 cents with me. So I went NTUC in search of some hopes but yes... exactly wat I said earlier on. Not a single snack is available at 50 cents. Can u imagine how useless it is with that 50 cents? I seriously giv up! Then I decided to thicken up my skin and head to Mr Bean. First, I check with the staff if they accept Nets Flashpay or the machine works. Then I ordered their Durian Pancake. And the payment went through. 

Bloody hell! Hey people. Please get and use Nets Flashpay card as your ezlink. This is your saviour in this type of situation. Shit. My hunger strikes at 11plus cos before that I drank lots of water. Thank God I have my Nets Flashpay and Mr Bean. 

Omg! What a day without my wallet. I can leave this bloody phone at home but NOT MY WALLET! No matter how much money you have in the bank but without wallet and atm card, EAT SHIT!

I know there is those e-wallet and all the high tech payment ways but this is just not for me. How will it make you feel safe when hackers not only hack yr PC, internet but oso your phone? Sian... lesson learnt.

Shall drink lots of water to sustain till off work time.

Damn it! Don't laugh. It could be you next!

Latest update at 4.39pm!

Okay... I thought of an idea to 骗吃 (free lunch). No lah... just 2 packs of biscuits from my colleague. I went up to get stationery. Then walk over to her desk and ask where she bought those biscuits because taste good. Then she told me blah blah blah... Then she asked if I want and pass me 2 packs. Yeah!!! Victory! So happy!

Now waiting for working hours to be over! Come quick please....