Travelogue | JB Short Trip w e Folks!

Long awaited day trip, esp for my dad, finali fulfilled! Not being able to travel out of Singapore and enjoy whatever he used to be able to do/eat because of his health problem has dampen his mood for at least 2 years. Oh well... despite e danger (eg. Robbery, theft, etc.), we proceed w e trip. Okay lah... accompany them is something we kids shd do more after married because lesser time w them. I take every opportunity I have to spend time w them even if it is jus for an hour or so. All because before married, I spend too little time at home w them. I regretted. I hope u peeps out there dun follow such footstep of mine. I am too CHEE HONG!

Anyway, it is a half day trip in JB. Just like the previous trip which u can read it here. But this trip, my dad decided to explore the other side of JB, near the custom. Yes... tts what I look forward to. Met them at Kranji MRT and took a bus frm opp to the custom. Whoever always go will know u alight at SG Custom, scan, wait for bus, enter M'sia Custom, then walk a long way to another side to rch Johor City Square which is just a link bridge away.

Is was about 11am when we finali rch City Square, Level 3 which links to where u come from via the Custom. My parents decided to rest their legs first so we went Old Town White Coffee for drinks.

Teh Tarik

Then set off to walk around Jalan Wong Ah Fook area, while keeping a lookout of my surrounding. Ya... superb alert. A lot of walking, no need for buses or cabs. Just walk slowly. My folks can't walk fast due to old age. Their legs/knees have problems. I don't mind and that is why I'm with them.

Then across the road, round-about to Tan Hiok Nee Heritage Walk, the old JB town.

Old traditional sundry shop
Old traditional Chinese Medical Hall
I love looking at these shops because so vintage and reminds me of my younger days when such shops still exists in Singapore. Now is getting rarer. Why they can't gather these vintage shops in one street of Singapore and named it Old Singapore Street? Then it will become a tourist attraction and also a place for the youngster born after year 2000 to see in real life rather than just photos or through books. Our Government should consider that.

This building is the prominent one along the street because of its colour in red and white plus rather bright. So Singapore right? They call it Red House, It reminds me of our Red Dot building at Maxwell Road. That one of duller red though still stands out along the road. But still unccomparable to this.

And then we settle for lunch at Restoran Hua Mui. Instead of having their hainanese chicken chop which probably patrons go for, the 3 of us ordered 3 different types of noodles mainly Singapore Fried Beehoon, Mee Mamak and one more I forget the name. Like KL Hokkien Mee type. The portion is damn big. The 3 of us exchange with one another to have a taste of all 3. My dad damn happy because he can eat whatever he want. You know because of his health problem, he cannot anyhow eat but sometimes, he can't control and want to satisfy his craving. 

View from restaurant 2nd level
My dad said that usually in photography, people tend to look for higher floors of the building to take nice shots. Because you get a better view of the streets and buildings and enables you to capture every single bits of people, life and sound. Immerse in that small little town, away from the bustling city. Once a while.

Then continue our search for tt bakery which my dad happen to know when watching a travel show on SCV. Finali after askin so many people, we saw that bakery. And we actually walk pass so many time and never realize it is there. That goes to show it is not prominent. But still they have flowing customers every min.

So here is Hiap Joo Bakery & Biscuit Factory. They used the traditional way to bake their breads, with a big kilin type of oven plus burning woods. You can see stacks of woods outside their shop on the side. The small shop space limits the number of customers to enter each time. Anyway, we bought Kaya and Red bean buns, a pack of 4 each.

So finali we end our trip back at City Square. Went to pick up some stationery and books from Popular Bookstore. The member card can b used in M'sia too. Rem to bring. Then shop for some local food products. And then for desserts at Hui Lau Shan. I went gaga when I was in Hong Kong for their desserts, even on the freezing month of December. Mangoes and more mango desserts. Woohoo...

This Fu Zhu (dry beancurd skin) comes with a hard-boiled egg. We order a cold one because my dad is thirsty. Usually at home, my mum will cook this as dessert after dinner and according to her, she will instead pour in beaten eggs. Seeing it in hard-boiled style is the first. I shall try doing it at home since she has taught me. Very simple like red bean paste.

This is Mango Romance. So mango-ish. The marriage of mango with mochi, glutinous rice balls,  ice cream and jelly. Wow... so chilling and my folks love it. The mochi is coated with grated coconut. Yumz..

And so tts end of our trip. Real short one for about 4 hrs. Anyway, goin bk home next wk for dinner. Seein them soon. Tts all for nw. Bye!

Restoran Hua Mui
131 Jalan Trus 80000 Johor Bahru

Hiap Joo Bakery and Biscuit Factory
13 Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, 80000 Johor Bahru

Hui Lau Shan
Lot J3-20, Johor Bharu City Square, 106-108, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, 80000, Johor Bahru