Culinary | Homemade Flavoured Bun

Oh hi there... I'm back again with a string of photos to show you peeps. No recipe for this post but over the few weekends, I tried making flavoured buns at home with the help of Panasonic breadmaker to make the dough. I followed the dough ingredients and method from Panasonic recipe book. So if you have it, do try. Easy and hassle-free. Because it is my first time making buns so lots of odd shaped buns. Pardon me. And so my hub and I had tea-time at home with my buns and TWG tea. Homemade/homecooked food is always the best. Fresh with no preservatives. My advice is to have it within 1-2 days for homemade buns. Same goes to homemade bread. Tried and tested. The most is 3 days. That's the max. It will become moldy. Remember that okay?

Sausage Buns

Oops... I know you couldn't see any sausage because is hidden inside the dough. I guess the next round I shall make mini ones. Looks cuter than these ginormous ones. Wanna try 2 sausages in 1 bun. Bingo... A noob had her first attempt on flavoured bun. Nothing goes to waste.

Luncheon Meat Buns

This is even worse. Bigger than the previous. I probably should cut the luncheon meat smaller in size. Very satisfied with both attempts and I actually put to bake for additional 5 minutes to achieve a darker colour like what you have seen here. If you have a better way, please share with me on achieving the darker colour.

Bread Loaf

I did various bread loaf because the breadmaker do all the works. I just need to measure and throw in all the needed ingredients. To me, I'm a coward that time and only wanna do loaf because it is hassle-free. But after a conversation with my colleague, I was so determined to outdo my usual attempt on bread making. I realize I really need such push. If not my hub will forever eating bread loaf. I say this story a lot of time I guess. So I zip now.

You might probably seen the above on my Instagram (if you are following me) so pardon me if u are a little sick of looking at the same thing.

Blackcherry Jam Bun

My 1st batch after 15 mins. I must say that this is the nicest shaped bun I ever made after few attempts. I wanted a nicer colour on top so went for additional 5 mins but then I realize is too long. 3 mins is all you need for a brown darker colour. 

So it turns out real dark though edible. The best attempt on shaping ever but destroyed by the colour. Too dark and so my 2nd batch I used 3 mins for the top baking. Now I know having many batches help in testing the different tone of colour. I am quite happy with my 3 mins additional.

Much better. I didn't realize that they are all inter-connected. Looks like molecule right? So cute. Or does it look like tortoise? Succeeded this time round. Will continue to create more unique buns.

Bread Dough Ingredients (Using Panasonic SD-P104 Breadmaker)
  • 280g Bread flour 
  • 50g Butter
  • 3 tbsp (36g) Brown Sugar
  • 2 tbsp (12g) Milk Powder
  • 1 tsp (5g) Salt
  • Half a Medium size egg (25g) - use balance egg for coating over the dough
  • 160ml Cold Water (temp about 5 deg C)
  • 1 tsp (2.8g) Instant Dry Yeast
Select Menu 9 on the breadmaker and start. Once done, take the dough out immediately as fermentation will proceed further.

Dough Forming
  • Use scraper to divide the dough into even pieces (about 12), shape them round and put still for 15 mins with a towel over it.
  • After that roll the dough and put your preferred ingredients/stuffing into the dough and roll into round or any preferred shape. 
  • Spray water on the dough and let it ferment for 40-60mins (or just 30mins) to let it rises to double its original size at a temperature of 30-35 deg C.
  • Apply egg over it.
  • Bake in an preheated oven at a temperature of 170-190 deg C or 200 deg C for 15 mins. For slightly darker colour, additional 3 mins.
  • Sausage bun - Valley Chef Sausages (I used the whole sausage)
  • Luncheon Meat bun - Mili Luncheon Meat (I slice them in rectangular shape)
  • Blackcherry Jam bun - St. Dalfour Jam (1 spoonful for each bun)
Because of the weather in Singapore now, my personal opinion is: best time to bake bread or whatever that requires fermentation. I just put in on a stool at my service yard, cover with a towel and it really did rise. Anyway, I don't have a oven that has less than 100 deg C function. So I resort to this. Please let me know if you have better ways for it to rise/ferment. The serving depends on the size you made. But I guess it can feed at 5-6 pax (if you divide the dough to 10 or 12 pieces).

Enjoy everyone.