Pre-Wedding Jittery

I know is a little too early to talk about it (like 6 more months before I get hitched) but I thought all these supposed to be planned early. So I told my parents last night and alas... they want to invite their friends too! WTF!

My guy and I wanted a simple yet presentable ROM wedding (which means solemnization + sit-down lunch + tea ceremony at a go) and not like ROM first then later hold wedding. NO NO NO!!!! I have a house renovation to settle. Unless my parents are going to force me to the verge of taking bank loan. They don't like but if they want too many stuff, I will. 

Anyway, my pre-honeymoon is burnt because of them!!!! 

Now I just hoping to look for sponsors:

1) Venue (cater for 80 paxs)
2) Wedding favors 
3) Makeup + Hairdo
4) Bridal shoot

Drop me a mail at and we can discuss further on that.

Simple right? The rest I think I can handle it. Because I have parents who want this and that when they are not the one paying. Make sure they give me good dowry. If not I flip face! Sorry to say I'm a perfectionist. Yet I'm easy. Contradicting right? Can't help. 

But all I care is my precious savings gonna fly away if the parents is gonna ask for more.