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Located at one of the oldest housing estate in Tiong Bahru, Heart of House is a perfect place for family diners and groups where they can sit down and enjoy a meal together, recollecting some happy childhood moments with the nostalgia decorations and displays surrounded the restaurant. Since its opening in 2012, Heart of House has established itself as casual dining, known not only for its Home Made Classics and Signature Food, but also the Specialty Beers. 

Bottle caps and more bottle caps on this limestone table
HOH's adopted charities
Trading? Yes... Kids, bring you 'A' paper to trade for any kids' item for FREE!
This is a very motivating act for the kids. But kids, don't cheat! It must be your 'A' paper alright? Don't use your siblings or whoever's paper to trade for this. I personally think that we shouldn't take advantage of the boss's generosity and kindness, and his love for children. Honesty and Integrity. World Peace! Want to know who is he?

The big man with a big heart!
He is friendly and first appears to me, tough man! Here is he folding some paper boxes/ships/planes for the kids.

Restaurant Interior
When you step into the restaurant, the vintage/nostalgia feel is overwhelming. How can this be so real? Can't help but started snapping photos away. Was so drawn to the surrounding.

The white display boxes are from recycled drawers. So green right? 
There are some others like they use a unwanted door as a table. Amazing! This restaurant is not only vintage/nostalgia but also eco-friendly too.

So nostalgia display/deco.
I lived at my grandparents' place in Taman Ho Swee since I was born before I shifted to Jurong East when I was about 4-5 years old. The utensils here can be seen at their house which really brings back lots of childhood memories.

Cups used to serve their customers.
And more cups.
The boss gathered all these cups from his family members. Come from a big family and thus you can expect that lots.

This month of December, Heart of House celebrates Christmas and New Year by not forgetting the less fortunate and lending their support to them. Heart of House adopted charities, Singapore Children's Society and St Luke's Hospital. And with that, they are targeting to raise $1500 donations to St Luke's Hospital with a special dish named 'Chicken Hugo A Go Go', priced at $20! All profits from the sale of this dish goes straight to St Luke's Hospital.

Chicken Hugo A Go Go
This dish is a combination of crispy and tender chicken thigh, topped with pineapple salsa, a serving of fragrance garlic rice and a refreshing salad to balance the diet. Must try!

So what about the children at Singapore Children's Society? 

Heart of House manufactured winning mug designs from Facebook Design A Mug Contest when they came up with HOH Entrepreneurship Award for fans and diners to compete back in September 2013. There are 8 winners, which means 8 different designs of which 4 of them are designed by children from Singapore Children's Society.

Winning Designs by Children from Singapore Children's Society
Winning Designs of HOH Entrepreneurship Award
You can lend your support by purchasing one of those limited edition HOH Mugs (featured above) at $25, where bigger percentage of the proceeds from the sale of mugs will go to Singapore Children's Society and a smaller portion to the Designer/Entrepreneur.

Here are some other dishes from their menu:

Heart of House Deluxe Pizza
Topped with smoked ham, pepperoni, minced beef, sausages, onions, mushrooms and not forgetting, mixed cheese. No cheat! You really can taste the ingredients on top of the thin crust with every bite.

Otah Pizza

Chicken Parmigano
The breaded chicken topped with back bacon, salsa, mixed cheese and is oven-baked. Love the chips! Of course the breaded chicken. Compared with chicken cutlet, this is much a softer version, tender and chewy. It looks like you are having a chicken pizza with overwhelming of cheese on top! Awesome!

BBQ St Louise Pork Ribs
Beef Nachos
Braised Lamb Shank
Chocolate Mud Cake
Lastly, their Specialty Beers. 

Now is Giveaway Time! I have 2 x $50 vouchers to giveaway to my readers! What you need to do is drop me a mail at iamstellachen@ymail.com with the subject, 'I want to win HOH vouchers' along with your name and mailing address. Closing date of this giveaway will be 15 Dec 2013, 2200 hours. The 2 lucky winners will be notified via email after a random pick by me. Flood my email now!!!

Come on down with your family, kids and friends to share the joy of this season at Heart of House now! 

You know where to go now when you are at Tiong Bahru/Kim Tian Road.

Heart of House
4 Kim Tian Road
Singapore 169245
Operating Hours: 3pm - 12mn (Tues-Sun)
Last orders: 11.30pm
Closed on Mondays & Public Holidays

Facebook: HeartOfHouseSingapore
Blog: http://heartofhouse.wordpress.com/

'From our hearts to yours... Heart of House opens our doors.'