Marathon vs Half Marathon

I really cannot stand it so I have to spare some time writing a short post. Cos there are many bimbos out there, thinking that they have completed a marathon when it is merely a 5KM!!!! WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY THINKING? Yes you can be proud of yourself for completing a race or run if you are a first time but please do your research right before saying that YOU HAVE COMPLETED A 5KM MARATHON! You are just a laughing stock to me. 

First of all, what is marathon? A definition from Wikipedia.

The marathon is a long-distance running event with an official distance of 42.195 kilometres (26 miles and 385 yards),that is usually run as a road race. The event was instituted in commemoration of the fabled run of the Greek soldier Pheidippides, a messenger from the Battle of Marathon to Athens.

So get it????? When you say Ultramarathon, is 100km! That one I superb salute for all the finishers. Your endurance level is way beyond anyone.

Back to my topic. One race event can have many categories. Take example, Standard Chartered Marathon. They have 42.195km which they call it Full Marathon, 21.1km Half Marathon, 10km and 750m Kids Dash. So they named their event in that way even with different categories.

What is half marathon? Again, Wikipedia explains.

A half marathon is a road running event of 21.0975 kilometres (13.1094 mi). It is half the distance of a marathon and usually run on roads.

Another example, 2XU Compression Run Full Marathon 2014.They have 42.195km, 21.1km and 10km. Reasonably named for this event. I'm participating in this event with my guy.

My favourite race event will be Shape Run which I just finished yesterday in 5km category. In this event, they have 10km, 5km and 2.4km. So do you call that marathon? 

I'm not a superb good runner and I have not yet reach the stage where I complete a marathon. I completed lots of race which usually are 5km and 10km category. 

If 5km is a marathon, then I have completed a hell lots of marathon!!!!! This is so bloody bullshit. Yesterday I was browsing through Instagram #shaperun2013 and I can't stop laughing. Superb joke of the day!

How slow you take to complete, it doesn't matter. But get the facts right! What is a marathon and what is just a mere run. Stop being a laughing stock!

Anyway, enough! Let their pea-sized brain indulge in their accomplishment of completing their 5KM MARATHON.