Exam Fever! Yet again.

Hmm... I'm probably gonna temporary 'ditch' my blog for a month from now till Nov 2013 for a full prep of my final year examination that is happening this Oct 2013.

Yeah!!! I'm finally in my last semester and if everything goes well, I'm graduating with a Bachelor of Business (Management), Minor in Human Resource. I just can't wait for my exams to be over and the results to be out in Dec 2013. But seems like my prep is still not enough. I just gotta work harder for that.

But I doubt many know that I'm a study hard person, not study smart. So you probably can guess my grades. 

So during this one month, please do not 'ditch' my blog for good. I will be back. You can follow me on Instagram for my updates. Usually is all about food and craps and stuff. 

See you peeps in November for more of my updates.