Food Review | Secret Garden - Steamboat [CLOSED]

Chinatown Point went for a major renovation, I guess. Now they are back with a new look and more tenants too. There is my fav Daiso and NTUC. And restaurants like Din Tai Fung and more. Went there several times since it opened for business again. Mostly I will head for Daiso. Silly right? Nearest Daiso from my home is IMM but I head Chinatown Point instead. Anyway new place new look. So patronize till I'm bored with it then see what is the next alternative.

Anyway on the last 3rd day of Lunar New Year, met up with my ex colleagues at Chinatown Point for dinner. Went for Secret Garden steamboat dinner which is at 2nd level near the escalator. Convenience and can easily bring the traffic flow up.

It is kind of expensive but there is a plate of seafood, cooked food etc.

What do you guys think? Ya there are beef, chicken, frog legs but this package does not include drinks and we have to order separately. 

So we ordered their unique flower tea which they describe as having all sorts of herbal thingy in it. Whatever.

There are 4 soup base: tom yum, herbal (i guess), chicken broth and laksa. I think of all, my choice of tom yum is the best. I superb love tom yum. I was influenced by my ex-bf who likes tom yum and always will cook tom yum instant noodles to share with me. As u can see in the above, that soup base is tom yum and I am just sitting right in front of it. My love!

So this is one of two cooked food, sausage skewer I should call that. So-so. Nothing special. Just plain cherry tomatoes, red and green peppers and sausages. I can do that at home too. Just that their choice of cooked food is limited too. Damn it!

Another cooked food is circled in the photo above. Never took a close up. It is those fried food, wrapped with mixture of ingredients like prawn, veggie etc. Nice but quite normal kind of variety which you can have it elsewhere too. Sighz... Oh there is mushrooms too. I love them too. I never attack much on seafood except a prawn and fishballs. Pathetic but I wan a hassle free dinner. Hahaha... Too lazy to wash hands if I were to have crabs or crayfish. Also they gave us 3 types of chillis which to me, is all the same cos very spicy but shiok! Opens up your appetite. Actually is 4 types. The chopped red chilli is requested by my ex-colleague. She superb like chopped chilli, I guess so.

Freaking damn full after that. The tom yum soup base will get saltier as it drys up. So ordered a cold drink. Very thirsty. The flower tea is not enough to cater for that thirst. We finish up most of them. 5 ladies. More than enough. But what I suggest is that basic beverage like soft drinks should include in the package cos in total we have to pay $120++ for this meal. 

To end our meal, we ordered 2 banana splits. Wahahaha... imagine how full we are. And somemore we eat and talk, all the air/oxygen gone inside us to add on our stomach burden. Women. It is always the case. So guess what? The bill end up $180!!! Well done. How did we manage to do so? Plain water need to charge other than our soft drinks. Den 2 banana splits. And it seems like we are having a 4 pax meal rather than 5 based on the quantity. Haiz... Is either we are too naive or too calculative. But overall, the meal is okay. Maybe because I keep attacking on my tom yum soup base with noodles. So yummy!!!

Anyway, that's my Friday night with the ladies. Reach home about 11pm. First time we hang out till so late. Usually by 10pm or earlier we are done and off home. 

So I have explored Secret Garden steamboat. Wanna go try? Head down to Chinatown Point now. And u judge yourself.