Lunar New Year for me!

As of today, Lunar New Year is still on till this coming Sunday 24 Feb 2013. It usually lasts for 15 days, if some of u peeps don't know.

So how is my New Year?  Fantastic one. Because I went Taipei to celebrate my New Year. First time away from home for New Year since the eve. I had my reunion dinner a day before I fly off. My guy did that too. So before the new year, is all the spring cleaning, preparation etc going on at home or even at the festive market because lotsa goodies to be bought back home.  I help a little on that. Clean up my room that bits, for the sake of it. Buy stuff for home decos etc. Well well... Let the photos do the talking then.

Yes... Mandarin oranges is a must for every household during Lunar New Year. We got ours too. It looks like oranges but too much of mandarin oranges will cause heatiness to your body. Erm... may lead to cough. So have it in moderation. It is definitely sweeter than normal oranges.

Even at my workplace. Here is the residence for students inside the campus. Festive mood is so strong with all these lanterns hanging up. I simply love New Year. Because I still get to receive red packets till I am marry off. Wahahahahah...

My first red packet for 2013 and is from the department head. Wow... I peep and was so shocked. The amount is a generous one. I was damn happy!!!! Gong xi Gong xi Gong xi!!!!

Yes is crackers. Yummy Fish crackers and Crispy Potato Sticks bought from NTUC. Especially the Potato sticks. I even told my bro to buy another bottle for our own eating leisure and this bottle here is to serve guests. And you know what?  When I came back from Taipei, my bro already finish a bottle and a half. WHAT THE HECK!!!! Damn it. I told u is nice. Cannot resist and stop eating.

Nom nom nom.... I can't stop eating it. One after another. I should have bot more bottles back home to nom all the way through New Year. And ending with severe sore throat. I mean that happens if I am really so crazy. But I'm not. I resist buying a lot. Because I'm stingy!!!! Wahahahahaha....

This is what I left before leaving for Taipei. Still alot right? And thanks to my bro. All gone when I'm home. Arrghh...

This is my reunion dinner at home on 8 Feb 2013. Nothing much. Simple fare. Home-cooked by my parents and braised duck order from stall. And of cos Abalone and chicken rice that is cooked with pandan leaves, chicken and paste. Awesome!

Okay this may look a bit weird but my dad's very own creation of home-cooked Pen Cai 盆菜. A small one using a claypot. 

Received the red packets from Churp Churp. Is a sharing tweet in Twitter which got me this. U know what I tweet?  #Play yr part in charity like donating old clothes... #ChurpieNewYear  Hahahahaha If you have Twitter and follow @ChurpSG you definitely know about it. 

So this is my short post for my New Year. Not really that detail but anyway, every year is the same. So no big deal!  Unless I'm married. And that is different. Cos is giving, not receiving. That's the big diff!

Happy Lunar New Year to all out there!!!!