New Job Old Me

Right, today I'm on my 2nd week in this new job. Still not used to the quietness in the office. Cos is jus me and my boss. No music, even at its lowest volume. Damn boring. But most importantly, what I have been asked to do up till now is so little. C me no up isit? Though is a diff industry, but I just hope to learn more. I already know what my boss's mindset is. 'I just want to get things done!' or 'You know what is EQ?'  He is simply a person who cannot take the slightest nonsense. Oh well... I really don't dare to offend him. Cos wait he counter me back 'This is unacceptable.' or 'It's not helping at all'.  Ya another word is 'Self-Help'.  He don't rely on others to settle his things because he wants things to be done straight away, and not drag it all the way. This is unacceptable, you know! Wahahahahh....

The office is temporary one and maybe next month onwards will shift to another one which is further away. Well... everyday I am freezing cold over here. Wth! Either it is a centralised aircon or by individual. But I can't seems to find the controller for that room. Arrghhh.. my palms are so poor thing. Cold until it almost turn blue. I tried my best by wearing a cardigan but it doesn't help. Well... I guess I need a pair of gloves.  Hopefully the aircon at our new office can be manually control. I just want a right temperature. So not green at all. Maybe a 20-22deg C is good enough.

So aside these trivial things, most important part of joining the new company is that:
1) Convenience location
Because is 6 stops away from my place where I stay, as compared to 11 stops with my previous company, a reduction of 5 stops. And from $1.55 (11 stops) - $1.37 (6 stops) = $0.18 (this is just to, fro havent count yet).
So with that mutiply by 5 days (to and fro), I save $1.80 per week or $7.20 per month (based on 4 weeks of 5 days).
As for those days which I have lessons to attend, is even nearer but more expensive though I definitely won't be late for class. Damn sure!
Straight bus from workplace to SIM is $1.43 (I have checked). Going home time from SIM to my place, $0.70 bus to MRT station + $0.44 MRT  to my place = $1.14
So let total up everything:
Estimated: 3 days of lessons + 2 normal days (based on 4 weeks of 5 days)
Lesson days: $1.37 + $1.43 + $1.14 x 3 = $11.82
Normal days: $1.37 + $1.37 x 2 = $5.48
Sub Total: $17.30
Grand Total: $17.30 x 4 = $69.20 (Round up to $70 bah)

I definitely save quite alot. Imagine if I am having school holidays and all I need is just work-home or work-date-home, I save even more. And then... why am I counting all these for? Dumbass me!

2) Cheap food
These are many canteens you can choose from. Damnit! Is cheaper than what I had when I work in CBD area. Shit! I'm gonna save even more from now and have loads n loads of money!!!!! Woohoo...

Compare a Pokka Red Tea bought at the canteen and SIM, is a $0.50 difference!!!! Canteen sell $1.00 only hor!!!! Okay... maybe elsewhere outside sell even cheaper!!!! I don't know but I definitely wont get this price in CBD area. Fat hope unless promotion.

Food is cheap. I am enjoying myself with the food during lunch. Yong Tau Foo, 6 pcs + noodles + laksa soup base cost u $2.10!!!! Can you believe that?  All these stall owners are my saviours!!!! In CBD area, I took the minimum but still cost me $4+ after card discount.

Ok lah... Really can't compare with CBD area to my current workplace. Totally different. But I enjoyiing now... Wahahahahahhahah....

Anyway I'm back to 5 days work week job. Bless me and I'm grateful to the 2 kind souls who help me get this job. I'm thinking of how to repay them. I seriously thinking. I will definitely repay them for their help!!!!

Examination is coming. Buck up please!!!! I don't wanna flunk my papers. No way! Extra hard work on revision and pray to God! That's all... Wait for my next post again....