Food Review | Imperial Treasure

Marina Square has been one of the malls where I will go after work. And then we had been trying most of the restaurant there except Imperial Treasure which is just at the Center Stage where Secret Recipe is just in front of it. And yes Jack's Place at the other corner. Last time there used to be a Gloria Jeans. How come no more?  Anyway... missing Imperial Treasure in your dinner list is really a missing treasure. 

Our order.  The price are reasonable. Or maybe bcos we never order those main dishes. Mostly are sides. Only my guy is having their ramen....

Here comes his ramen. Sichuan Dan Dan Ramen. I taste it and is spicy but to my guy is nothing. But anywhere is nice... 

Wantan Soup.  At first, I thot e soup is milky but actually it isn't.  Nice Nice... The stuffing in the dumplings are so filling.  Soup is tasty.

Eh... this is Fried chives pancakes. The skin is crispy and the stuffing in it, there is this chives smell coming out from your mouth.  I like it but my guy don't really.

Yes yes!!! Raise up your hand if you like this spring roll. The appearance is sooooo appealing. It tastes so crispy. But bear in mind, have it while it is hot. Damn nice. Vegetarian spring roll... We love it!

Last but not least, Xiao Long Bao. Skin is of the right texture and thin.  The stuffing again is good and the soup in it is just like Wantan Soup. Hooray!!! 

Is a good meal today at Imperial Treasure Marina Square. Head on down if you never try it before. Seriously, I'm not a writing person cos I'm lousy in describing but I make up for it through peektures. Still in the midst of improving. I must save up for my DSLR. I wanna more nice shots.... 


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