Gossipin Saturday

Haha.. Is nice to mit up my ex colleagues after so mani mths since I left e company. A company which is sux!!!

Met up wit the guys at city hall. No changes on the 2 of them n 1 extra guy who is currently workin in tat company. He hates tat Boss, so do I. Hee... So hapi to c them. We gossip for the whole afternoon, sittin at Mos Burger.

Tat asshole ex boss of mine no change at al. Instead, luck is on his side sia. Y a bad ppl can hv so mani good luck comin their way??? I dun get it lor... I m damn piss off....!!! Stil e same old self, like to bad mouth ppl. They even suspect he put a voice recorder in e office to check if anyone talk bad abt him lor. Wah lau.. Can u imagine? Bad ppl stil scare of bein bad mouthin meh? Haha...

On tat day too, I finally bought my K One's third album. Haha.. Found it at HMV.... Then I realise jus last nite, CD Rama jus top up their album!!! Arrgghhh.... But does tat mean they r comin to SG soon? Hopin...


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