Exam Blue

My exam is over. Bt I'm not happy at al. Cos I duno hw to do. Reali duno hw to do. Bt I wan get help for my last paper bt no one wan to help. Thot tat I can ask for help on the eve of my last paper bt kana reject cos ppl nit self study so dunwan any disturbance. On Mon 5 Feb after my exam, oso no use cos after exam nobody would hv e mood to teach me. Lucky I nv bring book cos I knoe ppl half hearted one. Onli I stil gt mood to study. Tat is because my results is nt good so I hv to study. I knoe others hv good CAs results so they no worry abt their exam. Cos they r clever bt nt me. It takes sometime for mi to understan one thing. Mayb takes mi 1 day to understan a thing but wat to do? I m like tat. Y sometimes ppl so selfish? After our last paper, when e paper is being collected, they can stil happily in front of me chat n say this time round sure gt a B for tat paper liao... Fine lor. Nw I c e true colours. I m a weak student bt frm Year 3 onwards, I m nt goin to b a weaklin anymore. I hate tat feelin. So sad. No use argue wit ppl cos it makes u more piss off!!!!

Back to work today. So much things for mi to clear b4 CNY... Haiz.. ISO comin le. Wrong time too.. I goin on tour n everythin book le. So I wont care anymore. I settle al my ISO files n get the others to handle for me. Sick n tired of work n study at the same time. So tiring... Tat's nt e kind of life I wan... I nit some freedom... Relax myself n dun tire myself out.

Hw I wish I could work in other countries!!! Living standard nt tat high. Nw Singapore goin to adjust GST to 7%. Can die lor... Tat means my sch fee will go higher. Touchwood hor... If I fail my paper, hw? I nit to pay extra for tat paper lei... Pray hard to GOD I wont fail...