Hmm... completed the 2 days course. Satisfied! I gt another cert le. Yeah... It is all helpful for my career wise. Since company pay one!! Haha... Hope to go more. The course was fun wit my techs al joker sia. Keke.. I gt to know more of SG. Is a shame for not knowing yr homeland. Haha.. in e class gt a cute guy but is married. Haiz.. Sian... Nvm.. Fate will lead mi to e rite one soon. Tat is how I console myself. Next course shall b the ISO awareness.. Haiz.. my boss la. Ask mi go. Tis is tellin me tat ISO audit is coming. Oh... I hate it.!! No choice. Haha... I saw my idol last nite... I went to Jolin's autograph session wit my gal fren. Yeah... Gt her signature!!! She is eva so pretty... Too bad my camera low batt. Shit!!! But saw her happi liao.. I worship her hor... My fav idol!!!!