Food Review | Shepherd's Pie

To be honest, this is my first time having Shepherd's pies (and so is the husband). Always skip this dish especially when there is buffet spread at workplace. I don't know what stop me from having this delicious pie (I seriously can't figure out even now) despite my colleagues' praises over it.

Now we are hooked from the first mouthful. What have we been missing all these while?
Thank you Shepherd's Pie SG for sending over these pies.

Medium Chicken Shepherd's Pie (UP: $25.90 Now: $18.90)

Did wonder what is Shepherd's Pie for the longest time and since I got hold of these pies now, reading up on the story behind them made it necessary. 

Keep it simple: Shepherd's wives made them with leftover lamb meat and vegetables back in those days so that nothing goes to waste (they knew how to reduce food wastage back then). And back then, potatoes and lamb meat were popular ingredients to use in cooking dishes. Like mashed potatoes and lamb shank, a few to name.

Mini Chicken Shepherd's Pie (UP: $6.90 Now: $4.20)

I liked that the proportion of mashed potatoes and meaty fillings were well-balanced, making sure that you taste the 2 layers of goodness in one spoonful. And the browning of the cheesy top of mashed potatoes was well-controlled during the baking process. Not too charred.

The layer of mashed potatoes taste quite creamy and was smooth enough to just melt in your mouth. And then it went down to the the meaty fillings that were savoury and well-seasoned with a hint of herbs and spices. Bursting with joy from this dish.

The soft and tender meat with mixed vegetables (carrots, peas and corn) made me thought of Samosa. Haha... Just that this time instead of crispiness on every piece, you dig into the pie and eat with smoothness on every spoonful.

Pairing it with 2012 Merlot Red wine. A nice complement.

And also when we reheated the pies, the aroma just went around the kitchen and to the living room. Love! My very own experience.

Mini Beef Shepherd's Pie (UP: $6.90 Now: $4.20)

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