Media Invite | Tengawa Hokkaido White Curry

We have seen and tried enough of Japanese curry brown in colour and now, let us get on the bandwagon of Japanese White Curry. With that said, the one and only restaurant that serves White Curry would be nonetheless, Tengawa Hokkaido White Curry.

The difference between Tengawa's White Curry and the commonly known Japanese curry (brown in colour) would probably be the ingredients and spices to create them. The key to Tengawa's White Curry was the use of Hokkaido fresh milk which gave the creamy colour as seen in the photo. Apart from that, frying of onions and ginger for the fragrance and also a good amount of curry powder for flavour without changing the colour. If you have low threshold for spiciness, fret not as it was at on the mild level.

Let's get down with the tasting of this Japanese White Curry.

0-4 Degree Aged Iberiko Loin Katsu with Rice Set $19.80

With the milky White Curry, the portion of akitakomachi rice was just right as and having too much might make you feel 'jelak' and dampen the experience. Like any types of curry out there, the staples like carrot and potato were in along with a slice of crispy Iberiko Loin Katsu (Spain Black Pork). It tasted not too oily nor dry.

The only improvement which they might want to take into consideration would probably be the thawing process of the pork loin. It could be done better minimize the 'fridge taste'. 

There were other rice sets like Chicken Katsu, Ebi Fry and even Japanese Style Hamburg to choose from. 

Spicy White Curry Ramen/Udon Set $16.80

If you like to a soup base of White Curry, try this. Light soup base without losing the White Curry taste. Choose between ramen and udon (preferred the latter for the bite feel) and enjoy the tender slices of pork belly that were cut thinly and in consistent. Not forgetting that onsen egg. Suggested that the chilli to be put aside rather than in the soup because for non-spicy takers, they chose not to have or just a little for taste enhancement.

Signature Truffle Chawanmushi $5

Though it wasn't my top favourite (when it comes to Japanese cuisine in general), but truffle was a must-have for me. Love the fact that it successfully impart the aroma and flavour of truffle into this simple dish without surpassing the taste of steamed egg custard. Proportion of 70-30 was just right. And needless to say, smooth and tender that melted in your mouth instantly. 

The set meal came with a chawanmushi and clam soup. Please do not underestimate the plain looking soup because it couldn't get any better with a light and refreshing seafood taste from it. It just kept you wanting for more. So they provided free flow of rice and clam soup for all customers. 

So remember the name, peeps!

9 Raffles Boulevard
#02-16A, Millenia Walk
Singapore 039596
Nearest MRT: Promenade (DTL/Circle Line)
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