$50 Food Challenge | Orchard Series

Happy Birthday to me! Yeah I'm 37 and a stubborn Taurus born on 27 Apr and glad that I am still alive and kicking around town till date, annoying every single living soul. So what did I do on my 37th year on earth? Decided to head down Orchard as I have not been there since don't know when. And the only time I stepped in Orchard area was heading to Don Don Donki with my girlfriend. Back to the topic. So on my 37th, I gave myself a $50 food challenge. Because one of my many Birthdays wishes is don't need to scare no food or clothes. 不愁吃不愁穿. And this debut series will simply be at Orchard. I do like to see my choices for food with this budget.

Condition: Trying something new to me, be it a drink or food.

Now eyeballs on the screen. See what I have treated myself.

304 Orchard Road
#B1-038, Stall 14
Lucky Plaza
Singapore 238863
Nearest MRT: Orchard (North-South Line)

Cost: $8.25

As you all already know, Jollibee is a Filipino fastfood chain and has been in Singapore's F&B scene since 2013. Can find them on social media platforms and was curious that their set meals came with rice or spaghetti. Of course you can choose to have just their chicken only. So I choose their 2 piece Chicken Value Meal that comes with mashed potato, rice and a drink. $7.75 for the meal plus $0.50 upgrade to Minute Maid Orange.

The mashed potato was decent and the chicken was real spicy for me. Get to choose between Original or Spicy but I choose to challenge my stomach with the latter and regretted it at night. The taste was just like KFC Original Recipe Chicken but crispiest skin. I liked that.

Don Don Donki
181 Orchard Road
B1 & B2, Orchard Central
Singapore 238896
Nearest MRT: Somerset (North-South Line)

Cost: $34.40

Let me talk about this hype over their Baked Sweet Potato that costs $2.80 each and made people queue just for it. I was lucky that day as the next batch coming out at 1350 hours which was just minutes away when I arrived but already people were queuing up. So I joined them and got 2 home since each person can only buy up to 2. Freshly baked and was damn hot just holding them. Verdict: Sweet and Sticky. The smell was alluring too. And I personally think 1 sweet potato was enough to last you a meal. Will I queue for it again? No. Just once is good enough.

As for the rest of my purchase above, it was for my Birthday dinner. Initially wanted to go Chomp Chomp but decided that we should give the food at Don Don Donki a try. Modanyaki, salad and a platter of assorted fried items which includes Karaage and Ebi Tempura. Decent taste and great portion but both of us were too full to finish all. So we saved them for next day. Do not waste food. Again, that is the first and last. At least we tried.

277 Orchard Road
#B1-01, Orchard Gateway
Singapore 238858
Nearest MRT: Somerset (North-South Line)

Cost: $3.90

They have an outlet at Northpoint City and since the weather was so merciless, chill yourself with their Slushies. I ordered their Pink Dragon, obviously red dragon fruit and some other fruits blend together. Cool. It brought down my body temperature. Refreshing cup especially fit for such hot weather.

Old Chang Kee
313 Orchard Road
#B3-24, 313@Somerset
Singapore 238895
Nearest MRT: Somerset (North-South Line)

Cost $3.50 for 2

My husband said he prefers this than Nasi Lemak Burger from Mcdonald's. Because it wasn't rice patty but burger patty. But same here for the Nasi Lemak Chicken'O. You can't expect them to do something out of their ordinary curry puff. Both were just Nasi Lemak taste alike burger and puff. If you want something for snacks, get from OCK. Heavier for a meal, buy from Mcdonald's. Or go for the original Nasi Lemak which can be found anywhere. However, I would also prefer OCK and it won our heart because of the sambal which Mcdonald's was unable to do that well. My opinion is not important because everyone has their own preference. No hard feelings for die-hard fans of Nasi Lemak burgers or Chicken'O. Cos remember, it is just taste-alike kind of creativity coming from F&B brands. 

So guess how much I have spend in total? $50.05!!! Over by 5 cents. Good enough on my first attempt on doing this. At least it settles my lunch, dinner for 2, thirst-quencher and snacks. Quite okay right? Only if I can do a breakfast too. Then my $50 can stretch even more. I shall do better the next time.