Food Review | First Thai

Chance upon First Thai restaurant, all thanks to my colleagues whom brought me along (not easy to drag me out for lunch with a big group). They have patronized this place quite a few times which is quite a distance away from our office and is right at the corner of a stretch of shophouses. A rustic and simple looking restaurant that is packed with lunch crowds. Came to this area before for chicken rice which is also at the same stretch.

For Thai cuisine, I love Tom Yum Goong and Phad Thai. Being a inflexible human, I hardly ever try other stuff that is too foreign to me than the two. Sometimes out of no choice (when you meet friends for a meal), you will try a little here and there because you are already gonna pay for it. Anyway, my colleagues picked some nice dishes out of the many from their menu. I couldn't agree more, though some I personally don't really fancy (I'm picky in a weird way).

Always heard of Basil Minced Pork or Chicken but never try it out myself. I must say it was good and it takes only a bowl of rice with this dish to satisfy my crave. Definitely will try out in my kitchen one of this weekend. Looks easy to me.

Got a taste of my favourite Tom Yum and honestly, I don't mind having a bowl on my own. With some noodles, can I? But for their Phad Thai, it wasn't that fantastic. Probably because it wasn't full of seafood. The version here taste more healthy in my opinion. I need something on the heavier side and sinful. YUMMY!

More like a staple on every table. Basically, Pineapple Rice with Pork Floss can be found in many Thai restaurants. It has more of the taste of sweet and savoury in one plate, with the former coming from the pineapple and raisins and the latter, from pork floss that binds the overall flavour.

Honestly, I'm not a fan of Papaya nor Mango salad in Thai style though after trying a mouthful, it tasted crunchy, refreshing and appetizing. Should have that as appetizer instead. Then you will have a good appetite for the rest serving up. Though I may be missing out on great taste but it really didn't get into me. Try convincing me more. 

So here is another one in my list of Thai restaurants visited so far. Not very costly (no GST) but you have to come early to get your table (if you are in big group). Overall, the average cost per person is about $15-20. For the dishes ordered above plus beverages. Most importantly, if you don't mind walking about 5-10mins from City Hall MRT to your destination. Treat it as an exercise before and after meal. Enjoy!

First Thai
23 Purvis Street
Singapore 188600
Nearest MRT: City Hall (Interchange)
Cash payment only.