[CLOSED] Food Review | Sushi Mentai

Why spend more when you have your Japanese food craving satisfied near you? Peeps living in the North, you might have visited Junction 9 but for those from other parts of Singapore, come over here now. Not only does Junction 9 has a 24-hours supermarket for groceries, there is also food court, bakery, bubble tea shop and the well-known porridge shop, Sin Heng Kee. Not forgetting dessert shop and not forgetting, Sushi Mentai. 

Like other sushi restaurants, you can order or pick your fav sushi from the rotating conveyor belt. Always curious about the taste of Mentaiko and wasn't expecting my virgin try to be here. Whether it is topped on salmon or tamago, the marriage of mentaiko and sushi along with a little touch from torching makes it a heaven and earth match. Taste enhanced. Hands down. Most importantly, it wasn't pricey and reasonable for budget foodies like myself.

$1.30 for Yellow Plate (> 20 diff types)
$1.80 for Red Plate (> 21 diff types)

If you are looking for main courses to deal with your tummy in proper, they also have Yakimono (grilled, pan-fried or broiled dishes), Wanmono (dishes served in bowl with the mains), Temaki Hand Roll, Salad, Sashimi, Donmono (rice bowl) and Menmono (noodles bowl) in their menu too.

Zaru Soba $6.50

Quite surprise when he wanted cold soba instead of mackerel which he initially wanted. Although I didn't get the hype over it, he enjoyed it though so worth-while.

Tempura Udon $10.80

My man said his soba tasted better than my plain bowl of Udon. But never mind him because I enjoyed it. Simple and it didn't make me feel overly full. I wanted it just right for me. And of course not forgetting, the nicely fried tempura. Crispy on the outside and freshness on the inside (read prawn).

Salmon Mentai Dragon Maki $7.50
I must say that the mentai has this pretty rich taste here and basically while stuffing it one go into my mouth, the mentai just oozed out from my mouth. Fluffy and rich. You get layers of texture and taste, starting from the mentai going down to salmon and then the prawn sushi roll. Heavenly. This is a cheap thrill on my food hunt. 

Salmon Head Miso Soup $5.80

A small but decent bowl of soup sufficient for one pax. Not very fleshy, given the cuts starting from the head section. You get a faint taste coming from the salmon head because, miso took over mostly.

Have to emphasize that it may not satisfy picky taste bud but at least the basic expectations of a Japanese restaurant were met. And you can't much from a sushi place that is pocket-friendly to serve you Michelin Star food right? Be happy like me and just enjoy.

18 Yishun Ave 9
#01-23 Junction Nine
Singapore 768897
Opening Hours: 12 noon to 9.30pm (Mon-Sun & PH)
Nearest MRT: Yishun (NS Line)