Food Review | Hoshino Coffee Singapore

It has been long since I stepped in Suntec City and wow... it has changed a lot that I nearly got lost myself there. Was heading to the East Atrium for the collection of race kit and goodness, from the station to East Atrium is like walking from one end to another. But I have to admit that along the way, lots of shops caught my eyes. Shall be back again for a good shopping. Anyway, after the collection, in order not to waste further time, my friend and I just settled for Hoshino. Conveniently. Because it is just in front of the race carnival. As usual, I didn't do any research and just hop in as I want. Yes... risk of burning my pocket yet again. But then, that's what a unpopular food blogger does. I paid for my own meal. 

'Fuwa Fuwa' Hoshino Souffle $15.80

At first, I though it was my long-lost taste of chicken pot pie soup. Don't you think? It caught my eyes, again. That's why I ordered even when it states souffle in the menu. And wow... I'm impressed. Instead of pastry-like pie skin, it is so soft and foamy from outside to inside. Indeed very souffle taste. Or maybe a cuppa cappuccino with that foam art on top.  And what's underneath it? Flavourful Japanese baked rice with mushrooms and ham (if I'm not wrong) or risotto. Fuwa Fuwa means fluffy. So visualized in your mind now with a mix of baked rice with foam. How does that taste like? For you to find out! 

Hoshino Pot-Baked Curry Rice $15

Hohoho... baked rice again. A fulfilling dinner indeed. Served in a pot, the curry has that rich taste yet not spicy. The aftertaste tingling in your mouth. Simple ingredients like broccoli, harden sausage (minus 1 point) and a beautiful egg placed on top. If only I get to halve the egg into half and mix it together. My bestie scooped up the yolk and swallowed down. Meh......

Matcha Anmitsu $13

With chewy shiratama (rice dumpling or mochi), azuki (red bean) and yummy crunchy Japanese cookies. Oh... and if you don't like sweet stuff, don't pour in the syrup provided. Very sweet though. There is some matcha jelly underneath the ice cream. Their ice cream is commendable. Not too creamy. Simple dessert to end our dinner. Woot...

The only improvement will be their service. First of all, no one at the entrance to bring us in. Never mind. Because when we were seated, they served us iced water very fast. But then after the first refill, not anymore despite walking past our table few times. Anyway, I don't want to further elaborate. Please make sure no shortage of manpower during peak hours like lunch and dinner and the staff has to be more attentive to customers. 

Hoshino Coffee Singapore
3 Temasek Boulevard,
# 01-651, Suntec City Mall
East Atrium
Singapore 038983
Nearest MRT: Esplanade (Circle Line)