Well... What I am about to say is a married man in 40s with kids in my office.

This incident triggers my anger just this morning.

He called my colleague's DID line and I ans, knowin she is not around and not knowin he is calling.  Well I just told him she is at the manager's table.  So we hang up. Nothing for this part.

And this is the part where triggers my anger. I went to the copier to get the chop and he is there.  Happily I told him that I will miss bickering with him when I'm away from tml till Wed. Guess what? He turn away and leaving mi with question marks all over mi. Small chit chat oso cannot is it? It was like, what e fuck? Did I offend u early morning? Why u so stern towards mi? Den I feel awkward, after that angry. And so I stop talking to him frm tat moment on.  I was even angrier when my manager was doing my performance appraisal in the room.  He told mi to give due respect to that fellow Mr P and the other fellow Mr E.  U guess wat my manager said?  Dun 'over play' in the office. Meaning 不要玩到太过分或讲话太过分或没礼貌. Especially they are the seniors in our company.  If not, Mr P and Mr E will 生气. I am so angry in my heart over this. Den I email my four 大小姐 to complain. Damn it! Frm then on, I dun even wan to look at him or talk to him. Neither is he. Well... He will get it from mi when I'm back. I will give him e cold shoulder that I receive frm him today.  Frm now on, I'm not going to do his things. Even if I have to, I will drag till e last min.

Take it or leave it. I am a straightforward and blunt lady. Accept it. My guy knows and can't help bt to accept. My parents. SO WHO U THINK U R?  There is lotsa companies out there waiting for mi to join. Even if I hv to leave or I decide to leave, I still gt opportunity out there. But how about u?  U r old, cos u pass 40 liao. Ppl will oso hv to consider cos ur asking pay is high but not much qualification and not young anymore. Compare with foreigners and youngsters, who will lose out?  Even a youngster in 20s can be a manager already, so what are u doing there? Old man under a young manager? Hahahah... Ok for u, I think. But shame on u from within.  If u r good enuff, u r a manager and not jus a senior executive after so many years. Simply u dun deserve my respect, like how u think of mi.

Good luck to this Mr P. I will deal with u good times!