My New Found Love

I starting to like veggie and is not just because I want to slim down so on healthy diet, but for long term purpose like a better and smooth skin and better digestion. I found that it works because when I had my intake of veggie, my bowel movement is way good and smooth. Same goes to my fruits intake.

Just yesterday I weigh myself. 1kg down. But I gradually accept what my friend said that I am just losing water. Okay! Maybe I should not give up and continue with my effort on healthy lifestyle + slimming. I still eat a lot. But I have my own principle right now which is no more food intake after 8pm. I started for weeks. Though I have times where I snack after 8pm. But that is once awhile because either slip off my mind or I am not in a good mood. I must continue with this principle. No more supper. Though I don't always take supper but when I stay over at my guy's place, sometimes he is hungry in e middle of the night and we tend to have instant noodles. But now, no more. Which is good!

Anyway, I have my own set of new habits.
  1. No food intake after 8pm daily
  2. No snacking during office hours
  3. Drink a cup of hot green tea during office hours
  4. Had wholemeal or wheat bread for breakfast
  5. Occasional intake of soya bean drink
  6. Rope skip, gym, swim, jog
  7. Eat less or just nice portion of food
Can't remember what else I have did. But above is what I did but there are times where I fail. Once awhile. :P

Gambate! I will continue with this healthy regime of mine.