What's up in 2011?

Updates of me as of Mar 2011

I leave my job of 4.5yrs end of Feb 2011. Great!

I step in the soil of Tokyo, Japan for 5 days finali. Wish come true!

I came bk frm Tokyo for a wk n it was hit by 9.0 mag earthquake n tsunami on 11 Mar 2011. Real sad.

I get e q number for selectin Yishun BTO flats in Apr 2011. Great!

I rcv my gf's weddin invitation after goin round e island for 10 days.

I rcv my work testimonial and IR8A frm my ex company after goin round e island for 7 days.

I m lookin forward to my trip to Taipei soon on 30 Apr n I m goin for a food exploration trip.

So..... basically is my latest update. I tink after my trip to Taipei, nt much happenin for mi. Jus work. Cos stil under probation. Nv in my life a 6 mth probation cos I'm in e Executive level. Sigh! Wat to do? Tink shall tone dw frm May onwards till Sep my confirmation. I wonder if they wan to confirm mi or nt... If nt confirmed, look for other job. If confirmed, continue to work lor... Crap rite?

Tats all for today... Cheers


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