Not Again!

Failed! Is always a failure.... Reali wan to giv up! I m always nt in his plans... Always and foreva... Sian... Always his plans of buyin hse to rent n earn bucks bk.. Best part is e money earn is for his achievement n tat is car! Ya.. He said tat buy car oso let mi drive! I make sure I dun pass my driving! So angry.... I m nt impt to him at al.. Onli he himself is impt. Den jus live witout mi lah since I'm nt impt! Sick!!! I totally dunwan to care abt tis stupid fellow anymore... Concentrate on myself wil do. Jus like him. He is always sayin a simple life, work n get paid tats al.. Nth abt mi!!! Everythin goes without mi... Fine. Frm nw on I dunwan to care abt him liao.. I mus b selfish enuff! I care for myself, my life, my own pocket (tat's money), my everythin!!! I oso dunwan to include him anymore.. Exclude him frm mi! Yaya.. somebody say b4 I'm nt e one ma.. Fine lo.. Gd time for mi to look for another one oso... Stil in e search!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So angry! Real angry! I wil make sure by 30 yrs old, I get myself out of singlehood... Cant b bother who tat person could b! Stupid! I dunwan to get marry at old age and hv children at old age like his sista... No, shd take his parents as example.. He and his parents age gap at least 30-40 over yrs.. Kaoz... I dun like! Communication prblm n barrier.. Shit! Nwadays, where gt ppl tink n wan tis way? Anyway, I noe by e time I rch 30yrs old, my things wil b stable.. My financial wil b stable too.. So no worries.. WIthout him or nt, I stil can survive like hw I m b4 wit him... Free mind! Okay. Start nw. Exclude him totally in all my plans n even future since he always nv mention abt ME in his plan.. Stupid bf!