Cant of sad.. Seein my surroundin frens gettin married.. Or preparin for their customary ceremony.. Haiz.. Anyway for mi, I can forget abt tat.. Cos my guy is nt ready for tat.. N I giv up talkin abt tat issue to him liao.. Wateva I hv plan are deleted away by mi.. Wateva I create for tis relationship is gone... Tink wat I wan to do nw is pamper myself more.. So I decide to spend more money on myself than savin wit him... Cos I lost tat kind of spirit liao.. Conclusion, he is simply nt someone to talk to abt marriage.. Haiz.. When I tink abt it, I feel so upset.. Tink for nw, let no 'marriage thingy' to get into the conversation of him n I. Spend e time, money for my further studies, travellin n other personal plans of mine.. Tat shall b e way.. I'm no younger liao.. Bt he tinks I stil hv e time ba.. Bt he nv tink tat mi n him r two different creatures on earth, tat is a man n a woman... Woman's youth gt a limit.. Man's dun hv.. I simply wont wan to b like his sista who get pregnant in mid thirties.. OMG!!! Y I cant hv kids when I stil haven rch tat kind of age? Y cant I hv a happi family wit him at e early age (mean b4 30 for mi)? I think he stil feel tat he is young.. My foot!!!! Goin to turn 35 soon in Dec... Uncle of two nephews and nieces.... So old liaoo... Arrgh.. Dun talk abt it liao... Let him b... *Sigh*