Recollection of 2008

Hmm.. Wat did I do in 2008?
  • Travel to Bangkok in March - Wish fulfilled
  • Fall in love in March
  • Went for a resort stay wit my bud for e first time
  • Travel to Taipei again in June - Woohoo....
  • Gotten a slight increase in my salary - Woohoo....
  • Slight improvement in my exam results - Finally....
  • He finally met my parents after 5 mths
  • Travel to Batam again in Aug after 10 yrs plus - Cheap food and stuff
  • Had a rebonding of my hair wit my bud in Nov
  • Gt myself insurance, savings and investment plans
  • Travel to Macau, Hong Kong and Shenzhen - Wish fulfilled

Wow.. Travel alot in 2008. So will cut dw in 2009... Jus one or two plcs and it mus b for at least a wk... Hee.... Graduating soon. So mus hv a graduation holiday tour to reward myself. Shall start planning.. Woohoo....